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Living in a Foreign Country Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Take Classes in Wisconsin

Free Wisconsin online school for expat familiesSome Wisconsin residents live outside the country for a period of time. While living abroad, attending school can be difficult. Parents need to ask if courses taken in the foreign country will transfer back to the USA. Even if they do, will their student be able to keep up with classes in a foreign language? Expat families who are still residents of Wisconsin are eligible to enroll tuition-free at our online public school.

Wisconsin residents living outside the US should attend eAchieve Academy to take classes in English and keep in touch with their American peers.

Whether the move abroad is sudden or not, eAchieve is able to help. You can apply for full-time enrollment during the Open Enrollment process if you will be travelling next school year. Or, if you just found out the move is happening this semester, immediate transfers are available, too. There are a lot of choices you’ll need to make when living abroad. eAchieve Academy makes your educational option clear.

Open Enrollment in Online High School for Wisconsin Students Living Abroad

Wisconsin families won’t need to worry when moving abroad. Your student’s credits will transfer from eAchieve Academy’s online high school. Open Enrollment is available for families facing a sudden move abroad. Making the switch to online high school is easy and ensures your student keeps up with their studies while abroad.

Watch Video Testimonials from Online Students

Students and parents love the flexibility and personalization of an education with eAchieve Academy. Whether you’re living abroad or just prefer the convenience of online classes, eAchieve makes it possible. See what students and parents like Carter and his family have to say about the benefits of eAchieve’s online elementary school.

Contact online school for Wisconsin students living abroad, eAchieve Academy, to learn more.


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