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eAchieve Academy Understands What it Means to Be a Student Athlete

Wisconsin High School Student Practicing Olympic Gymnastics Routine

For students with Olympic aspirations or world-class athletic abilities, balancing practice and school is difficult. Reaching peak performance requires hours of intense training, which most traditional schools are unable to provide. Student athletes can succeed in class and in their sport by forgoing traditional, face to face schooling and transferring to eAchieve Academy.

High school student athletes’ academic performance thrives with flexible scheduling

Our online students are free to study and learn whenever they have time. Between practices, after training and even on the weekends, their education isn’t confined to a classroom. Flexibility allows student athletes to create a school schedule that fits their demanding lifestyles.

For students who want to attend their local school but are unable to stay all day, eAchieve allows up to two of our classes to be taken each semester to keep them on track even when they can’t make it to class. Students can attend class in the morning, practice in the afternoon and fill in the courses they missed with an evening online session. eAchieve is a win-win solution for Wisconsin’s best athletes.

Easily enroll in online school today

Being a student athlete in high school comes with rigorous training schedules which can make it difficult to balance their education and talents. If your competition season conflicts with school and requires you to travel across the country, eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program makes it easy to switch to online high school. Easy and free Open Enrollment makes it easy to re-enroll each year.

eAchieve Academy offers a variety of classes with NCAA certification

eAchieve is an NCAA approved online school

eAchieve Academy is an official NCAA-approved online school with a variety of classes that meet the NCAA core course requirements. To see the full list of NCAA-approved online high school courses offered by eAchieve Academy, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (use school code #502388).

Watch Video Testimonials from Online Students

Whether you’re training for the Olympics or just want more time to spend doing what you love, online high school gives you the option. See what online students like Phoenix have to say about eAchieve.

Contact Wisconsin online school for elite athletes to learn more about how you can balance practice and study time.
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