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Why students choose online classes

Career Minded Students in Wisconsin Can Perfect their Skills while Studying

Online students >> Early careerists

Students Who Plan on Starting a Career Immediately After High School Benefit Greatly from Online Classes

High School Student Practicing BalletFor career-minded students, traditional high school can be difficult. Constantly balancing practice and work with studying and classroom lessons can lead to one or the other being neglected. Don’t add stress to an already hectic schedule. Wisconsin students planning on making a living in dance, the military, the trades or another career should sign up for eAchieve Academy.

Our online classes let busy students plan their studying around activities fundamental to their future life plans.

All of our courses feature flexible schedules and are study at your own pace. Our teachers provide pace charts for every class so students do not fall behind. You will receive the same level of instruction with eAchieve as you would at any other public school in Wisconsin. The only difference is eAchieve lets you schedule your education around your life. Take control of your schooling and free yourself to focus on career goals with eAchieve’s online high school program.

Don't Miss an Opportunity, Enroll Today

Opportunities of a lifetime can present themselves with no warning, and career minded students are wise to pursue their passions. But what if this sudden change conflicts with the student’s education? eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program makes the switch to online high school fast and easy. Career minded students in Wisconsin can enroll in the state’s leading online high school for free today.

Watch Video Testimonials from Online Students

See how online school allows career minded students like Brandi to spend time volunteering or training in their field while keeping up with their education.

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