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Wisconsin School District Choices

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List of School Districts in Wisconsin

Open enrollment lets any Wisconsin student apply to attend virtual charter school

eAchieve Academy is chartered through the Waukesha School District. Students in the Waukesha School District can submit an in-district transfer request to sign up for class. Thanks to Wisconsin’s open enrollment program, students anywhere in the state can apply to transfer to our online elementary, middle and high school.

For a list of Wisconsin school districts by county, visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website here. No matter what school district you’re currently enrolled in, you have more education options than just the in-district schools. Our free online public school accepts applications from students statewide.

Whether you’re looking for one class to supplement a homeschool program or want to switch to a virtual school full time, eAchieve Academy is just an open enrollment application away. If you missed open enrollment, there is an alternative open enrollment procedure, potentially allowing you to transfer at any time.

Contact eAchieve online with any questions about online education options in your Wisconsin school district.


Virtual education isn't only for high school. Get started early with online elementary courses in core subjects for grades 1-5.

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Enroll in core middle school courses in English, science, math, social studies, and more... and work at YOUR pace.

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Find high school classes in a wide variety of subjects, including AP courses and classes approved for NCAA eligibility.

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Enroll and get a free laptop + $60/semester internet stipend

To attend school online you’ll need a computer and an internet connection. We help on both fronts. eAchieve students who enroll in Wisconsin at the start of the school year can purchase a laptop worth up to $400 and we’ll pay the bill as long as you remain enrolled and in good standing.

Plus – the laptop is yours to keep at the end of the school year.

How virtual education works for K-12 students in WI

Online public K-12 school serving students in all Wisconsin school districts

Transitioning to online education can seem like an intimidating prospect, yet it offers students and parents unprecedented flexibility to personalize K-12 education and transition to college or a career. You aren’t diving off a cliff – eAchieve Academy offers support every step of the way to help you independently manage classwork at every grade level.


Get more info.

Attend an in-person or virtual information session and get in touch directly. We'll walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.


Enroll in classes.

Apply through open enrollment or through part-time/alternate enrollment outside of the open enrollment period. It's free for Wisconsin students.


Get your FREE laptop.

eAchieve Academy supplies all students with a free laptop & internet stipend on request.


Take classes at your own pace.

Take online courses, excel, and graduate with flying colors.

Take the first step towards greater control over your academic success. You DO have a choice. Enroll with Wisconsin’s best virtual charter school and get the personalized K-12 education every student deserves.
There’s so much more to learn. Get more information on enrolling with a virtual charter school in Wisconsin.

Find K12 class options to fit into your personalized learning plan

eAchieve Academy offers a wide variety of courses for Wisconsin students in several subjects. Enroll part-time to complement your regular classwork or enroll full-time and transition fully to virtual education.

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