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Wisconsin School District Choices

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List of School Districts in Wisconsin

Open Enrollment Lets Any Wisconsin Student Apply to Attend Virtual Charter School

eAchieve Academy is chartered through the Waukesha School District. Students in the Waukesha School District can submit an in-district transfer request to sign up for class. Thanks to Wisconsin’s open enrollment program, students anywhere in the state can apply to transfer to our online elementary, middle and high school.

For a list of Wisconsin School Districts by county, visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website here. No matter what school district you’re currently enrolled in, you have more education options than just the in-district schools. 

Whether you’re looking for one class to supplement a homeschool program or want to switch to a virtual school full time, eAchieve Academy is just an open enrollment application away. If you missed open enrollment, there is an alternative open enrollment procedure, potentially allowing you to transfer at any time.

Contact eAchieve online with any questions about online education options in your Wisconsin school district.
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