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Western Technical College Admission Requirements

Schools with an open admission policy put few constraints on applicant requirements so you have the opportunity to improve your future without worrying about your past work in school. Like any similar universities in the state, Western Technical College requires students have their high school diploma. Whether you need to finish your basic education or you're looking for advanced placement (AP) courses online to save money on college programs, online high school classes at eAchieve Academy are your best resource for assistance.

AP class credit at Western Technical College

Western Technical College awards academic credit hours to incoming students with passing scores on Advanced Placement exams. A minimum score of 3 on the AP exam is required for credit, with some classes requiring a 4 or better. Successful completion of any of the following AP classes offered at eAchieve makes you eligible to take the corresponding AP exam.

If you are considering taking an AP class, we recommend verifying its eligibility for AP credit by checking Western Technical College's AP equivalencies.

Earn a high school diploma online with eAchieve Academy's online AP classes.
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