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Waukesha County Technical College Admission Requirements

An open admission policy at Waukesha County Technical College guarantees high school graduates of all ages have the opportunity to get back into furthering their education. The admission requirements at WCTC aren't strict, but if you still need your high school diploma, you're not completely out of luck. eAchieve Academy has online high school classes for students who want to wrap up their basic education and move on to college. Enroll with us as soon as possible and we'll help you strategically plan the the rest of your high school courses to set you up for success when applying to WCTC.

AP class credit at WCTC

Waukesha County Technical College awards academic credit hours to incoming students with passing scores on Advanced Placement exams. A minimum score of 3 on the AP exam is required for credit. Successful completion of any of the following AP classes offered at eAchieve makes you eligible to take the corresponding AP exam.

If you are considering taking an AP class, we recommend verifying its eligibility for AP credit by checking WCTC's AP equivalencies.

Earn a high school diploma online with eAchieve Academy so you can apply to Waukesha County Technical College.
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