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UW-Washington County Admission Requirements

An open admission policy at the University of Wisconsin - Washington County gives everyone who is interested in obtaining a college degree the possibility of doing so. In other words, as long as you have your high school diploma, you are given the chance to extend your education at this UW school. If you still need to wrap up your high school education, enroll with our online high school classes to give yourself the jump start you need on getting your dream degree!

How Many Credits of AP Do You Need to Get Into UW Washington County?

AP courses are one of the best ways for high-schoolers to challenge themselves academically and make their college applications stand out, all while saving tuition money by earning college credit. Many students wonder how many AP credits they need to get into a good college. At eAchieve Academy we recommend an advanced placement courseload that becomes increasingly more challenging as students near graduation.

What AP classes does UW - Washington County accept?

The AP classes listed below are all accepted for credit at the University of Washington County, contingent upon the student achieving a passing score on the corresponding standardized exam. Passing scores range from 3 to 5, depending on the class.

These AP classes offered at eAchieve Academy are accepted at UW Washington County:

Need more information? See this page outlining the University of Wisconsin's policy on Advanced Placement course credits, and the minimum AP Examination scores required for credit.  If you need assistance figuring out if an eAchieve Academy class meets UW Washington County requirements, contact us.

Find more info on UW-Washington County admission requirements & enroll online AP high school courses today!
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