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UW-Marinette Admission Requirements

If you want to one day apply to the University of Wisconsin - Marinette, make sure your current high school class schedule fulfills their admission requirements. If it doesn't, enrolling in the online high school courses at eAchieve Academy will give you the flexibility you need to continue your education with compromising your time for other important responsibilities at work and at home. Signing up for our advanced placement (AP) courses will give your application a boost when the time comes! 

Freshman Admission Class Requirements at UW-Marinette



English 4
Electives 4
Natural Science 3
Social Science 3
Mathematics 3

Are you taking enough AP Courses for UW Marinette?

Taking AP courses is a great way for students to challenge themselves, save money by earning college credit and make themselves stand out to university admissions offices. Because of the increased academic challenges of advanced placement courses it can be difficult to know if you're taking enough to get into the university of your choice. For getting into a university like UW Marinette, eAchieve Academy recommends an AP schedule that becomes progressively more challenging as students become more comfortable with their increased responsibilities. 

What AP classes does UW - Marinette accept?

The AP classes listed below are all accepted for credit at the University of Wisconsin Marinette, contingent upon the student achieving a passing score on the corresponding standardized exam. Passing scores range from 3 to 5, depending on the class.

These AP classes offered at eAchieve Academy are accepted at UW Marinette:

Need more information? See this page outlining the University of Wisconsin's policy on Advanced Placement course credits, and the minimum AP Examination scores required for credit.  If you need assistance figuring out if an eAchieve Academy class meets UW Marinette requirements, contact us.

Find more info on UW-Marinette admission requirements & enroll online AP high school courses today!
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