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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Admission Requirements

Green Bay high school students are gravitating to colleges like the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) for the money saving opportunities they offer. NWTC has an open admission policy, so their admission requirements are fairly minimal, but it doesn't mean you can just walk in! If you still need your high school diploma, or you're simply interested in saving money by earning college credit with Advanced Placement (AP) courses, call us today for more information about the online high school classes we offer. eAchieve Academy is your first step towards a more secure future with a college education.

AP class credit at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College awards academic credit for successful completion of an AP class and a passing score on the corresponding AP exam. The school requires a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam to receive credit for a corresponding class at their school.

The following AP classes at eAchieve Academy have corresponding AP exams which can be taken to receive academic credit at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College:

See the full list of AP exam course equivalencies at NWTC.

eAchieve Academy makes it easy for you to pass NWTC's admission requirements once you've earned a high school diploma online!
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