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Northcentral Technical College Admission Requirements

The Northcentral Technical College in Wausau has an open admission policy. In other words, there are few requirements for students who are interested in applying. eAchieve Academy comes in for students who still need to earn their high school diploma or are interested in earning free college credit with Advanced Placement (AP) courses. No matter your reason, give us a call today and we'll talk about how our online high school classes can be strategically planned to guarantee you financial savings and success with your future education.

AP class credit at Northcentral Technical College

You can earn academic credit for selected subjects with an AP exam score of three or higher. Your score needs to be submitted to NTC through the Advanced Placement Score Reporting Service. NTC doesn't list on their website the AP exam credits they accept, so if you're interested in applying and considering taking some AP classes at eAchieve, we recommend contacting NTC to verify the AP class you're planning to take is accepted by them for academic credit.

These are the AP classes offered at eAchieve that have corresponding AP exams:




Earn a high school diploma online with eAchieve Academy so you can apply to the Northcentral Technical College!
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