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Nicolet Area Technical College (NATC) Admission Requirements

With an open admission policy, Nicolet Area Technical College (NATC) is a popular college in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. There are few requirements for students who are applying. Mostly, all you need is motivation and a high school diploma. If you haven't already earned certification for your basic education or you simply want to save money with advanced placement (AP) classes, enroll in our online high school classes as soon as possible! Getting into NATC is easy, but your success and ability to save money greatly depends on how you set up your high school class schedule. eAchieve Academy works with students to strategically plan their high school education so they save money in college and can be accepted into colleges like NATC by fulfilling their admission requirements!

AP class credit at Nicolet Area Technical College

Nicolet awards credit for Advanced Placement classes you’ve taken if you receive a score of 3 or higher on the corresponding Advanced Placement exam. The higher your score, the more credits you receive. For more detail on the credits awarded, see Nicolet’s Advanced Placement Policy.

After you’ve taken an AP exam and forwarded your scores to Nicolet, your Academic Advisor or Success Coach at Nicolet will evaluate your score(s) on the AP exams you take and determine if you qualify for credit toward courses in your program of study

Advanced Placement classes offered at eAchieve Academy with corresponding AP exams eligible for credit at Nicolet:


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