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Chippewa Valley Technical College Admissions Requirements

Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley Technical College provides a business education for students who have earned their way into the school. With an open admission policy, there are few requirements for applying, but it doesn't mean you can just walk onto campus and be handed a diploma the same day. In most cases, their programs don't often require entrance exams, but it should be expected students applying possess a GED or equivalent certification. With eAchieve Academy, students of almost all ages can take our online high school classes to earn their diploma. eAchieve makes it easy for Wisconsin students to complete their required high school education while balancing work, family, and other responsibilities! 

Taking AP Courses for College Admissions

While you may not need AP credits to get into Chippewa Valley Technical College, they are still an excellent way to challenge yourself and save money on tuition by earning credit in high school. Many students wonder how many advanced placement courses they should take. eAchieve Academy recommends an AP courseload that becomes progressively more challenging as students get closer to graduation.

Find online high school diplomas with eAchieve Academy so you're able to work towards attending Chippewa Valley Technical College!
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