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Blackhawk Technical College Admissions Requirements

Blackhawk Technical College provides a unique opportunity for learners of all kinds in Janesville, Wisconsin. With an open admission policy, there is little information on admission requirements because your application is considered on its own basis. Taking online high school courses with eAchieve Academy is a great first step towards one day enrolling and being a part of this institution. Plan ahead with our virtual high school today!

Do You Have Enough AP Credits to Go to Blackhawk Technical College

AP courses are a great way for high school students to set themselves apart in the college admissions process, as well as challenge themselves academically and save themselves money by earning college credit in high school. However, many students don't know how many AP classes they should take to get into a school like Blackhawk Technical College. eAchieve Academy recommends an advanced placement courseload that eases students into greater challenges as they near graduation.

For more information on the basic high school class requirements for college in Wisconsin, contact our online high school in Janesville today!
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