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Admission Requirements in Wisconsin Vary: What are the Key High School Courses Colleges Look for at Admission?

High school students in Wisconsin have a better idea of their future today than they ever have in the past. Planning for college takes place as early as elementary school, but just because you know the career you’re pursuing at 16 doesn’t mean you know the top high school classes needed for college admission. Years separate you from today and the application deadline when you’re entering a University. If you’re switching to an online high school, being aware of what colleges look for will help keep you on track for a smooth transition between graduation and your post-secondary education. Think ahead when you enroll at eAchieve Academy!

List of Wisconsin Colleges and Universities

List of United States Colleges

Colleges in the State of Wisconsin: What Requirements Must Your High School Courses Meet? 

Studying far from home doesn't mean having to uproot from Wisconsin to attend college in the east, south, or west. You may only be planning on moving from Milwaukee to Madison, Waukesha to Green Bay, or Fond du Lac to Manitowoc, but without knowing your future college's admission requirements, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Find the colleges you're deciding between in our list below to see what requirements their admissions offices set for applicants. If you need any additional information or help finding exact high school classes needed for college in Wisconsin, contact our online school today!

University of Wisconsin System

Public & Private in the State

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Private, Public, & Community College Admission Requirements in the USA

eAchieve Academy students are all at different points in their education. While some of our students have a semester left until they're done with high school, others have years of time to prepare for the college of their dreams. Wisconsin universities have impressive reputations, but even with some of the best colleges in the country, not all of our online high school students want to stay in the state. If you're goal is to move far away and keep college affordable with an out of state community college or you're ambitiously chasing an Ivy League school like Harvard across the country, tomorrow is not the day to start planning! Check out our map below of the best colleges in the U.S. by state to see what high school classes you should be enrolling in to be fully prepared for admissions.

Colleges & Universities in the U.S. List

Rhode Island
Brown University
New Hampshire
Dartmouth College
North Carolina
Duke University
Harvard University
Yale University

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