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10 eAchieve Academy Students Join the Elite ACT 30+ Club

eAchieve Students score 30 or higher on ACTIn August, ten eAchieve Academy students joined the ranks of the elite ACT 30+ Club by scoring 30 or higher on the ACT exam. This puts them in the top 6% of ACT test-takers nationwide and opens the door for them to attend many of the top universities in America. eAchieve congratulates these students on their academic achievement.

With eAchieve Academy’s flexible learning program, our students are able to learn anytime and anywhere it’s convenient for them, without the distractions of conventional classroom settings. If you’re considering an online learning alternative, it’s worth noting that eAchieve Academy students have the highest ACT composite scores of all virtual charter schools in Wisconsin. Learn more about the academic achievements of our students and how our online classes can help motivated high schoolers get a head start on college.

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