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Ben's eAchieve Academy Review: Sustainable Urban Farmer

Wisconsin Online High School Provides Needed FlexibilityBest Wisconsin Online High School

Ben's passion lies in sustainable farming. With eAchieve Academy, he is able to chase his dreams. He can work on his farm during the day and complete his school work in the evening. Ben needed a schooling structure that gelled with his growing career: sustainable urban farming. His fascination with planting and harvesting natural foods takes a majority of time during the day - when school typically takes place. When would he have the time during the week to pursue his life-long hobby? Thanks to one of Wisconsin's best online schools, he no longer has to worry about courses taking away from his day. eAchieve Academy provides flexibility for students of every grade: 


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We are a Wisconsin-based, online charter school that offers all levels of education; elementary, middle, and high school. We were the perfect solution to Ben’s scheduling conflict, providing a personalized learning environment for him to move at his own pace. Another benefit was the seamless communication between Ben and our Wisconsin state-certified educators without making him feel nervous and/or apprehensive. If you want more time to spend on your own interests and responsibilities, we can be your perfect solution as well. Immerse your child in the beauty of online education and let their passion create their own career path. See what other eAchieve Academy students have said about the benefits of online school courses: 

There are so many reasons students choose online classes over traditional school. Whether you are a student working a full-time job, a missionary’s kid living abroad, or you need flexibility in your schedule for other activities, online high school lets you study at your own pace and according to your own schedule. Parents love online school as well because our online elementary, middle, and high school have been structured to make monitoring your student's progress as easy as possible. Choose eAchieve Academy to open up your weekly schedule and you'll never look back. 

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