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Alex's eAchieve Academy Review: Non-Traditional Student

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Since switching to one of Wisconsin's best online elementary schools, Alex has experienced less distractions while completing his courses. With eAchieve Academy, he is able work in a distraction-free zone and is able to fully commit to his elementary education. No matter what grade level they're in, all students at eAcehive Academy have the potential to be successful. Online education is one of the world's newest frontiers. Students can expand their days to include explorations of their own interests and hobbies alongside their state-approved online courses. At eAchieve Academy, we offer online schooling for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade: 


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The biggest concern for Alex’s parents was his social life. Due to the flexibility of eAchieve he is able to schedule his schooling around social activities such as Tae-kwon Do and piano. Learn more about how Alex has benefited from eAchieve by viewing the video above. Whether the 8am–3pm schedule just isn’t working for you or you’re a tech-driven student, our online school is a convenient and flexible choice for students from every part of Wisconsin. Alex is one of eAchieve Academy's many successful online students, see what his peers have to say about online elementary, middle, and high school: 

eAchieve Academy is one of Wisconsin's most engaging online schools today. Our students learn to develop their independence without giving up the social aspect of school. Whether you are simply researching the idea of switching to online school or you are serious about making the switch today, students across the board agree our online school is one of the best in Wisconsin. More importantly, eAchieve Academy has been reviewed by our students as better than their previous learning environments. Enroll part-time or full-time in online school today - you won't regret it! 

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