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The #1 Benefit of Online School: Flexibility for Wisconsin StudentsBenefits of Online Virtual School

When students enroll in eAchieve Academy, they quickly notice how adaptable online school is to their lifestyle. Choosing to attend an online elementary, middle, or high school opens up your schedule thanks to our flexible classes. With eAchieve Academy, students like Alex and Ben have the opportunity to learn at home - at their own pace. This modern form of education gives Wisconsin students the freedom they need to spend more time on their own interests and hobbies outside of class. By choosing to receive an online education, students cut down on the time they spend in a classroom. Our part time and full time students have more time to explore the world and be with their family without sacrificing the quality of their education. A number of state-approved courses are offered at eAchieve Academy, including: 

  • Science
  • English
  • Art
  • Language
  • History
  • Math
  • Health 
  • Social Studies 
  • Music
  • Technology 
  • Business 
  • Various Electives 

Whether our students are in 3rd, 6th, 9th, 11th, or 12th grade, the education they receive online is in line with state standards. Their learning is unaffected by a virtual environment and often times improves thanks to the expertise of our experienced online teachers. eAchieve Academy is dedicated to bringing the best education to our students, supplying them with the classes, courses, and credits they need to be successful. Our online school is based out of the Waukesha School District so any of our students are able to join their sports teams - opening up social connection opportunities for every student who enrolls at eAchieve Academy. If you want a flexible schedule, like Brandi and Carly have, without losing the quality of your education or giving up the social aspect of school, apply to our online school today. 

Contact Wisconsin's best online school to make more memories with our flexible online courses! 

Best Online School for Creatives & Students with Active Lifestyles

eAchieve serves students who are traveling, recovering from injury or sickness, working, or in need of flexible schooling. Our video reviews highlight students with various lifestyles and how eAchieve Academy has been beneficial to their success in and out of academia. By allowing students, like Carter and Phoenix, to focus on academics at almost any time they choose, eAchieve gives students the freedom they need to lead the lifestyles they prefer. Whether you are the parent of a football, baseball, soccer, or volleyball player, you have seen first hand the stress extra curricular activities put on students. Online schools require less time from students in class, so the amount of time they have per week to give to their interests is increased. For creative students, online school is the miracle they've been searching for. Often times, creative-minded people are inspired at times of the day and week that are not always in line with strict schedules. eAchieve Academy is beneficial for athletic and creative Wisconsin students, like Sage and Sarina, alike because of the flexibility it gives them on a daily basis. eAchieve Academy students have more time to give to personal hobbies and interests on their own time, such as: 

Hobbies & Interests to Spend More Time On Thanks to Online Schooling

Acting Cooking Fishing Painting Singing Track & Field
Archery Dancing Gymnastics Playing Musical Instruments Skateboarding Weight Lifting


Drawing Hiking Running Swimming Woodworking
Canoeing & Kayaking Fashion Ice Skating Sailing Tennis Wrestling
Computer Programming Filmmaking Motorsports Sculpting Theater Writing


Don't limit your life to the courses and classes of school. Whether you are a parent or student, everyone knows as important as school is, it can be a deterrent at times. If you want more time to give to your personal hobbies and interests on your own time, enroll in one of Wisconsin's best online schools today. Not only is our school an effective homeschooling supplement, but we have seen proven achievement through years of operation. Whether you are creative or invested in your athletics, eAchieve Academy not only has the health and art courses you need to stay interested in school, but our flexible scheduling opens up an endless amount of possibilities on a daily basis for students of every grade level. Every day you wait is another day of lost freedom. Choose eAchieve Academy for the best online learning environment and you'll see your daily schedule change for the better. 

Increasing the amount of time for your athletic and creative interests is affordable - contact Wisconsin's leading online middle and high school today!
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