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Wisconsin Teachers Review Online School

Teachers Review Online High School

Online Middle and High School Latin TeacherFor over 40 years, students at private and public schools have learned Latin in Joyce’s classrooms. The last 7 years, that’s including a cyberspace classroom at eAchieve Academy.

“We’re just a click away from the students. Even though I can’t see the students, I still get to know them and their work habits, and I’m able to establish a rapport with them through the live sessions.”

Whether she is teaching high school Latin or the Latin segment of the World Languages middle school course, Joyce says the content students receive is similar to what they’d get in in-person instruction. She also prides herself on being readily available to help her students succeed.

“Communication is the key, and my students know I get right back to them the same day when they have a question. Our students in eAchieve will have an advantage in life because online learning is the wave of the future.”


Wisconsin Online School Math TeacherWhen the opportunity came along for Brian to combine his interest in computers and technology with his passion for teaching, he jumped at it and became one of the “founding teachers” of eAchieve Academy.

“The concept behind virtual education is being able to reach all kids. For one reason or another, traditional schooling isn’t a match for everyone, and it’s very gratifying being able to now reach those students.”

Brian teaches 7th grade math, algebra 2 and pre-calculus, and makes sure there are plenty of opportunities for his students to ask questions and get extra help. In addition to his live sessions where students can communicate through instant messaging or microphones, he also keeps office hours and helps students both through email and the phone.

“Kids create their own schedule, so they have to be self-motivated, focused and stay on pace by using their pace charts.”


Online High School Forensic Science Class TeacherAfter teaching online for three years, Jennifer has learned that many students thrive in a virtual learning environment such as eAchieve Academy.

“Online learning brings out those qualities in students that they might hide in a traditional classroom. They might have a unique perspective on a topic but wouldn’t be bold enough to share it in a regular class. But in an online environment, they just open up and can be themselves.”

In addition to virtual classroom experiments, Jennifer’s forensic science students enjoy the hands-on assignments they can do at their own pace and on their own time.

“We do lots of hands-on ‘kitchen chemistry’ using tools that are associated with forensic science we keep in our households and using household items to mimic experiments that would take place in a lab. Some kids go way above and beyond in investigating on their own and sharing the results in their lab report.”




Online School English TeacherAs an eAchieve Academy teacher, Amy knows firsthand the benefits of online learning for students – so much so that she enrolled her own sons in eAchieve!

“My husband and I decided we wanted our children home for the middle school years to give us more control over their education during those formative years. eAchieve Academy gave us that opportunity.”

An English teacher since 1996 – including online since 2004 – Amy has noticed that students in eAchieve Academy tend to develop good time management skills and become self directed. She also finds they are very engaged in their learning.

“There tends to be more questions than face-to-face learning because they feel I’m more approachable than raising their hand and asking a question in front of the whole class. I try to reach the needs of individual students, so everyone walks away with the job of reading the great literary works.”



Math Teacher at Online School in Wisconsin“Life isn’t run by bells anymore,” explains math instructor Jim Shanklin as he talks about the benefits of attending eAchieve Academy.

A 25-year veteran of both face-to-face and online teaching, Jim notes that the content of what students learn remains the same, but they have added benefits with a virtual classroom.

“I put together PowerPoints and lessons as I would have done for face-to-face, but now I talk to a screen instead of a class. With the eSessions, the students may get more actual teaching time than if they were face-to-face. And if a student needs extra help, I can set up separate one-on-one eSessions in the evening or whenever is convenient. Where else can you have access to a teacher like that?”

Jim sees middle and high school virtual learning as the wave of the future. While there will always be traditional schools, they will move much more toward blending learning of online and face-to-face.


Online History TeacherSix of Rachel’s ten years of teaching experience include leading classes online at eAchieve Academy.

Rachel appreciates that her virtual classroom brings together students who live in small towns and large cities throughout WI and who possess very distinct life experiences. That diversity often results in enriched class discussions.

“One of the neatest things about eAchieve Academy is there are students from all over the state and they come from very different backgrounds, so we get a lot of cool perspectives that the students share.”

Rachel finds that those new to online learning are often surprised at the high level of interaction within the live virtual classroom setting. In addition to the live sessions, Rachel also makes herself available during days or evenings to work with her students one-on-one in the virtual classroom if they need extra help.

“As a history teacher, my goal is to have the students see that what happened in the past is directly related to what is going on in the world today. I want them to get to a point where they can make those connections on their own. If they understand history, they can understand current events.”

Online School Science TeachereAchieve Academy Science Instructor Tom Young sees an essential benefit of attending a virtual middle or high school is students becoming more invested in their own education.

“Online learning gives students control over their time and space and makes them owners of that process. They aren’t getting it for  someone else; they are getting it for themselves.”

During his three decades of teaching, Young has always tried to blend his learning strategies. He became eAchieve Academy’s first full-time instructor in 2004.

“In the security and ease of learning in their own home, students can go through the material more quickly and more deeply than in a traditional classroom setting. The students also learn to be good self advocates.”

When people ask Tom if virtual middle and high school students are missing out on socializing, he’s quick to note that the point of school is to learn and that online students have plenty of opportunities to socialize as well.

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Wisconsin Certified Teachers Explain the Benefits of Online Schooling

Online high school teacher consults with students on online live sessionAll teachers at eAchieve Academy are Wisconsin state-certified and have extensive experience teaching in a traditional classroom and online setting. Many of our teachers prefer the online teaching experience because it allows each child to learn at their own pace while being much more actively engaged in their education.

The diversity and personalized attention of online learning leads to beneficial class discussions, bringing in new perspectives which are not feasible in a traditional high, middle or elementary school setting. By connecting students from small rural towns and large cities throughout Wisconsin, students get the chance to interact during daily live sessions.

Our Wisconsin online elementary, middle and high school teachers make themselves available to help students during the day or evenings if they need extra help. They create unique lesson plans for each course and ensure each student has a full understanding of the material. They’re available during live sessions and enjoy developing a rapport with students and parents.

Read through what our teachers have to say about the online learning experience.

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