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Wisconsin Open Enrollment information - how to enroll

Important information about high school open enrollment in Wisconsin:
Wisconsin Open Enrollment Information


Open Enrollment Dates Wisconsin


Open Enrollment FAQ


Important information about open enrollment in Wisconsin

Students in Wisconsin normally attend a public school in the district they physically live in. With Wisconsin's open enrollment program, students are able to apply to attend a public school in another district. Open enrollment information:

  • Students may apply to attend up to three school districts every year.
  • Open enrollment in Wisconsin is available to all students enrollend in K through 12th grade
  • Applications may be rejected due to a plethora of reasons including: not enough available space in the school district, student behavioral issues, etc.
  • Students and parents can appeal denied applications through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Students who've already successfully enrolled in an outside school district do not have to do it again the next year. They're already enrolled in the school district until they graduate or transfer to another school district.

eAchieve Academy is an online public school (elementary, middle and high school) chartered by the School District of Waukesha. Open enrollment allows students from other school districts to transfer to eAchieve Academy.

Switching to eAchieve Academy's online school during open enrollment can be accomplished online through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website, however during the alternative open enrollment periods, students and parents will have to follow the alternative open enrollment procedure. Our list of Wisconsin public schools outlines which districts students attend and can transfer from.

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Open Enrollment Information for Wisconsin Students

Important dates for Wisconsin open enrollment 2019-2020

  • February 4th, 2019. Open enrollment begins. Parents need to submit applications online or straight to the nonresident school district.
  • April 30. Open enrollment ends. Last day to submit an application.
  • June 7. Nonresident school districts must mail notices of approval or denial. If approved, the school must notify the parents. If denied, parents have 30 days to appeal.
  • June 14. Resident districts must tell applicants if they have been denied. If so, parents have 30 days to file an appeal.
  • June 28. Parents of accepted applicants must notify nonresident districts their students will be attending. If the parent doesn't notify the district, they may refuse to allow the pupil to attend.
  • Get more info about open enrollment straight from the Department of Public Instruction - click here

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Wisconsin Open Enrollment FAQs

Parents and students have many questions about Open Enrollment. Here are answers to common questions.

Who can apply using Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is available to all Wisconsin residents enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

When is the Open Enrollment period?

The exact dates of Open Enrollment change every year.

How many school districts can I apply to?

A student may apply to no more than three school districts each year.

Can I apply early?

No. Under no circumstances will early applications be considered.

What do I do if I missed the deadline?

Late applications are always rejected. You will need to apply using the alternative open enrollment procedure.

Are all applications accepted?

No. Your application can be rejected by either the school district you live in or the school district you are applying to. Reasons for rejecting an application include previous expulsions, habitual truancy or an incomplete application.

What can I do if my application is rejected?

You may appeal the school district’s decision to the Department of Public Instruction within 30 days of the rejection. If the Department of Public Instruction upholds the rejection, you may appeal the decision to circuit court.

I am currently enrolled in eAchieve Academy. Do I need to apply again?

No. Students currently enrolled in eAchieve Academy do not need to reapply.

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