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Missed Deadline for Open Enrollment for Public School in Wisconsin

Alternative open enrollment in Wisconsin - enroll now!

Missed Open Enrollment?

Good news: You can still apply using the Alternative Application Procedure starting July 1st.


Fill out the alternate open enrollment application.



Mail the completed alternate open enrollment application to:

eAchieve Academy - Wisconsin
School District of Waukesha
222 Maple Ave.
Waukesha, WI USA 53186

or fax to: (262)-970-1148

or email to:

Open Enrollment DeadlineDid you miss the April 30, 2019 deadline open enrollment deadline?  The first thing you should do is contact us with your reason or special circumstances for missing the deadline.   

Families that missed the April 30 deadline can submit an Alternate Open Enrollment Application starting February 3.                                                                                          

There are currently 7 distinct qualifications to apply outside of the regular open enrollment application period:

  • The pupil’s resident school district determines that the pupil is a victim of a violent crime.
  • The pupil is or has been homeless in the current or proceeding school year.
  • The pupil has been the victim of repeated bullying or harassment that has been reported to the resident school district and continues in spite of action taken.
  • The pupil’s place of residence has changed due to the parent’s military orders.
  • The pupil moved into this state within the past 30 days.
  • The pupil’s place of residence has changed as a result of court order or custody agreement or the pupil was placed in a foster home or with a person other than the pupil’s parent.
  • The pupil’s parent and the nonresident and resident school districts agree that attending the nonresident school district is in the best interests of the pupil.

For more details on the alternative open enrollment procedure, refer to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's official resource:

If you're a resident of Wisconsin (recent or long-standing) and cannot enroll at eAchieve, check our list of Wisconsin school districts by county to determine the best path to education.

For more information on what to do about immediate enrollment please check out our immediate enrollment page here.  If you have not missed the deadline, or are simply curious please check out or general enrollment page as well. 
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