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How to Transfer High Schools in Wisconsin

How to Transfer High Schools in Wisconsin

Transfers & Enrollment Information for Students & Parents

Whether you are moving to Wisconsin from out of state or simply want to transfer high schools without moving, you can easily enroll in the public high school of your choice online.

If financial considerations require eliminating private school tuition or you just want to avoid distraction or transportation issues, eAchieve Academy can help you complete your high school education online.

Wisconsin Public School Open Enrollment

Wisconsin’s inter-district open enrollment program allows students and families to apply to attend public school in a district outside the district they reside in. The preferred method of requesting a transfer is by applying online through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

eAchieve Academy is part of the Waukesha School District and provides free accredited public education online for all Wisconsin residents under age 21, including legal residents living outside the state.

The application period for open enrollment for the 2020-21 school year goes from February 3 to April 30 (4pm), 2020

Missed the deadline? There’s an alternative application procedure for students with qualifying exceptions. Students who meet certain criteria are allowed to apply for immediate enrollment at any time.

High School Transfer FAQ

When should I transfer high schools?

If you’re unhappy at your current school, you should apply to transfer as soon as possible. It’s not an instant change, and you’ll have to keep attending your current school until your transfer request is approved by school administrators.

Do grades transfer when you switch high schools?

Your grades from completed high school courses will transfer with you and remain the same on your transcript. If you transfer during the school year, your grades for incomplete courses will be determined by the teachers and guidance counselor at your new school.

Does your GPA change when you transfer high schools?

It depends on the school you transfer to. Typically your GPA will stay the same, but there are exceptions. For example, if your old school treated an A-, A, and A+ the same but your new school applies a different “weight” for each of type of A, that could affect your GPA. You should talk to a school counselor or academic advisor at the school you’re transferring to if you’re concerned about this.

Does switching high schools affect college?

Transferring high schools freshman year or at any other point in your high school career won’t affect your college applications.

When you apply to colleges you’ll have to submit transcripts from every high school you attended. So the college admissions staff will be able to review all of your classes and grades.

Do you have to sit out sports for a year if you transfer high schools?

The WIAA (Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletics Association) outlines requirements for transfer students seeking to participate in public school athletic programs.

The WIAA Transfer Rule

“A student who transfers from any school into a member school after the sixth consecutive semester following entry into grade 9 shall be ineligible for competition at any level for one calendar year, but may practice, unless the transfer is made necessary by a total and complete change in residence by parent(s).”

There is a waiver provision which may be granted if proper documentation accompanies the request. For more information about WIAA transfer rules and transfer student eligibility for competing in sports, read the complete Transfer Rules & Waivers Tip Sheet.

Wisconsin students also have the option of staying enrolled in their current school district and taking all their classes online through eAchieve Academy.

Tell me more!

This is a great option for students who want to study online but keep playing high school sports at their local school. We also offer NCAA-approved online classes for students who plan on playing sports in college.

Can I transfer to online high school?

Transferring to online high school WI

Absolutely! eAchieve is Wisconsin's free online public high school. Transferring to eAchieve is easy:

Open enrollment applies only to full-time high school students. You can enroll part-time at eAchieve Academy, take one or two online high school classes each semester and still attend your current school. Homeschooled students may also take up to two classes at eAchieve Academy free of cost.

Under certain circumstances it’s possible to transfer to an online high school in the middle of a school year by filling out an immediate transfer application and showing you meet the criteria with supporting documents.

Can I transfer to eAchieve at any point in high school?

Yes! We accept enrollment applications from freshmen, sophomoresjuniors and seniors, plus students in grades K-8.

Displaced Students Transfer to Online High School and Thrive

Displaced students moving to or within Wisconsin face many potential academic and social challenges from changing high schools. Choosing to complete your academic year or high school career online can be a smart decision for students moving during the school year, over the summer or in their senior year of high school.

eAchieve Academy gives students more control over their academic progress without the distraction of adapting to an unfamiliar environment. Learn more about the benefits of online high school, including free tuition for Wisconsin residents and a free laptop for qualified students!

Take Control of Your High School Education with eAchieve Academy

When a student needs to transfer high schools, many times the reasons for the change are out of their control. When you take advantage of free online public high school at eAchieve Academy, you’re never stuck at a school you don’t want to attend. Transferring to Wisconsin’s top online high school is free, easy and gives each student the power to create his or her ideal study environment.

Contact eAchieve Academy online for more information on transfers & enrollment options.
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