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Student reviews of Wisconsin online education

Online High and Middle School Reviews by Students

Birnamwood, WI Online High School Student“The teachers at eAchieve Academy are amazing. They are very supportive and there for you if you need them. They are always willing to work with you.”

Katie knows firsthand the importance of a flexible and supportive learning environment. A serious health condition required Katie to be home schooled much of her life until she enrolled at eAchieve Academy.

When major operations could have derailed her ability to finish her classes and stay on schedule to graduate, her teachers rallied around her and kept her on track. 

During her five years at eAchieve, Katie has also enjoyed meeting classmates and being part of an online community. Online high school courses have given her room to excel and grow.

“eAchieve Academy is great about setting up social interactions with people in your area. Plus, I enjoy their discussion boards where you can talk to classmates, share pictures and posts but it’s monitored, so you don’t have to worry about bullying.”



Waukesha Online High School StudentAfter attending public grade school, Sydney’s parents decided an online middle school would allow her to best focus on learning without the distractions of a traditional classroom environment. She enrolled in eAchieve Academy in 2011.

“I like to be able to take my time on a project if needed and less time on things that are easier for me. I also like the flexibility to go out to lunch with my mom or work ahead and go on vacation.”

Sydney finds it easy to get help from her instructors through the weekly eSessions and via email. As an organized person, Sydney doesn’t find it difficult to keep pace.

“I usually do most of the schooling on my own. I don’t like things on my “to do” list. I like to get things done.”




Manitowoc Online Middle School StudentDakota made the switch from traditional to online schooling in 7th grade because it sounded new and fun and gave him time to participate in the many hobbies he enjoys by allowing him more control over his schedule.

“You are in control of your own education, so you have to be self-motivated and responsible. You can’t slack off. But the reward is that you can have more control and freedom over your schedule.”

He found the transition to eAchieve Academy smooth thanks to following class Pace Charts and helpful teachers.

“If you don’t understand a topic, you can take your time until you get it. You’re able to devote your time and energy where it’s needed. It’s much more customized and individualized.”

Dakota plans to become an engineer or doctor and thinks eAchieve Academy will give him a good foundation.


Milwaukee Online School Student“Most of the people who go to online schools are really nice, and you don’t have to listen to others talk about what you wear or what you look like. They are your friends – you’re never really shunned.”

After trying both public schools and homeschooling, Kari and her siblings found their niche at eAchieve Academy. She enjoys her class discussion boards where she can talk with her friends, hear the opinions of her classmates and get feedback from teachers.

However, what she most enjoys is the flexibility. “I like the way you can submit things anytime you want – you can do things early if you want. It’s very flexible.”



Oconomowoc Online High School StudentAs an aspiring professional dancer, Greg needs to train as much as possible. He found it difficult to juggle his intense dance training regiment and part-time job hours around a conventional school day.

“eAchieve has given me opportunities I never would have even thought of when I attended traditional school. The school not only allows me to study dance at a much higher level, but also gave me the time and flexibility to pursue national internships, scholarships, and education opportunities held throughout the country.”

When in a traditional school setting, Greg believed his time was not utilized well and there was too much focus on social relationships. By transferring to eAchieve Academy, he could practice dance 30 hours a week while keeping up with his studies when it fit his schedule.

“For me the choice was simple – eAchieve is the only place where I could truly achieve all my goals and discover new ones. Thanks eAchieve!”



Oshkosh Online High School StudentTia attended public high school until discovering she needed surgery that would have kept her out for several months. Knowing it would be difficult to make up work in a traditional school, Tia looked into options.

“My grades are important to me, so I wanted to try virtual learning. I was able to catch up the coursework that I missed and I really enjoyed the flexibility. It was such a positive experience that I decided to stay.”

Tia enjoys connecting with fellow students at events held around the state such as attending Brewer games, hiking at Devil’s Lake, and dancing in the Dells for prom. She can also interact with her fellow students during the live weekly course lessons.

“The flexibility is both the best thing and most challenging. But it has helped me learn to manage my own time which will be important for college.”



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Students Review the Benefits of Online High and Middle School

Each student has a unique style of learning. The traditional school structure doesn’t always accommodate everyone’s learning styles. By enrolling in eAchieve Academy, students who may not be able to attend regular elementary, middle or high school are given the chance to learn at home.

If you have a demanding schedule, frequently travel or want to graduate early with a flexible schedule to work at your own pace, online elementary, middle and high school is the ideal choice.

By choosing to enroll in Waukesha’s top online high, middle and elementary school, you will have the opportunity to focus on academics, not social drama. If you struggle to balance schoolwork with a part-time job, rigorous training regimen, travel schedule, religious beliefs, or medical needs; don’t worry. Students just like you have used eAchieve Academy to meet their educational needs on their terms.

We have the highest graduation percentage of any online school in the state.

Our students are happy to share the experiences they’ve had with online schooling. Will yours be the next great review? Contact us to get more information about Wisconsin virtual learning with eAchieve Academy.

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