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Online K-12 School for Students with Speech Impediments in Wisconsin

Virtual K-12 school for students with communication disorders

Online K-12 special education program >> Communication disorders

eAcheive Academy offers a special education program geared towards students with learning disabilities, like speech impediments or nonverbal disorders. Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) qualify for personalized courses they can study where and when they feel most comfortable. More often, parents choose eAchieve to give their kids with speech disorders the freedom of having a medical schedule while fitting school in wherever (or whenever) they can. This means that your child can focus first on understanding his or her disorder.

Accommodating learning strategies for students with speech disorders

The experienced special needs instructors at eAchieve develop lesson plans that are unique to every individual student based on his or her needs. Our instructor will meet with students to determine the appropriate strategy to move forward, then continue with schooling and further integrate those strategies to help students reach their full potential.

Communication disorders and special education

Free online K12 school for Wisconsin students with speech and language disorders

Personalized learning plans plus speech and language services help all students reach their potential.

Communication disorders affect a person’s ability to understand or use language or speech, and include speech disorders, language disorders, and hearing disorders.

A speech disorder affects an individual’s ability to articulate words and speak fluently.

A language disorder affects an individual’s ability to learn, understand, and/or use language. This can affect spoken, written or sign language.

Disorders become disabilities when they have an adverse effect on a student’s educational performance. Speech and language therapy services are included in special education.

Speech services are available for those who qualify with their IEP status and are delivered by a professional speech pathologist to ensure children with speech impediments are learning the combative strategies they need to overcome:

  • Stuttering
  • Speech delay
  • Selective mutism
  • Lisps
  • And other specific impediments

Students are able to learn online through email, phone, and virtual class sessions (small group or one-on-one). These virtual class sessions and discussion platforms, coupled with our social connection events, give students that physical classroom feel without the stress of performing to the abilities of those around them.

Additional benefits of online school:

  • Class lectures are recorded so students can play them back anytime, at any pace
  • Our “online blackboard” is easy to use and encourages planning ahead
  • Our teachers are enthusiastic professionals who engage with students and create personalized lesson plans

Wisconsin Residents

Free Enrollment,

Free Tuition

If you're considering enrolling in online classes but your school doesn't offer the course you're looking for, an online virtual charter school like eAchieve Academy may offer what you're after.

Live Outside Of Wisconsin?

A Virtual Charter School Is Still an Option For You.

Even at eAchieve Academy in Waukesha, Wisconsin. If we offer a crucial course to get into your dream college we can help you find availability and enroll from out of state.

Teacher-student-parent involvement

It’s important for students with special needs to have the same support at home that they receive online from our instructors. That’s why we send out progress reports, activity reports, and guarantee 24/7 access to the student’s grade book to ensure that the parents stay involved and the students feel inspired at home. 

Special education for all Wisconsin students with speech and language disabilities

eAchieve is an online public charter school accepting applications from students living anywhere in Wisconsin. You don't have to search for the best school district for speech and language programs - no matter which WI school district you currently reside in, your student is eligible to enroll at eAhieve completely tuition-free.

Contact eAchieve Academy to discuss your enrollment options.
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