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Parent reviews of Wisconsin Online School

Online School Parent Reviews

Homeschool Mother Who Uses Online High School as SupplementKarina has a master’s in curriculum instruction, and ensuring her three children receive a high-quality education is important to her. After not being satisfied with the educational experience they were receiving in public schools, Karina turned to home schooling her children.

“As the kids got older, home schooling became more complicated to keep up with DPI standards. For me, eAchieve Academy is much better than trying to do it by myself. It’s more involvement for parents than if the kids were in a traditional school, but it’s not a crazy amount.”

Karina advises parents to establish routines for kids who learn online and notes the “pace charts” are helpful to monitor her children’s class progress. In addition to attending eAchieve Academy, her children are involved in many community social outlet including youth choir, theater, volleyball and service projects.




Online Special Needs Students' ParentEileen felt she was in a constant battle to get services for her sons with special needs when they were in the local public school system. Her high-school-aged son is challenged by autism and dyslexia, while her middle-school son struggled academically.

“Our local district wasn’t meeting their needs academically or emotionally. We looked for an academic setting that could be tailored to their needs, and eAchieve has turned out to be a great choice.”

In eAchieve Academy, Eileen found a staff that was proactive in offering support services and following her son’s IEP.

“I was literally in tears on the phone when they were telling me all the things that were available for my son and all the things they were going to do for him. I had always fought for services, but now we’re in an atmosphere where everything has been offered rather than me having to push for it.”

The flexibility of eAchieve has helped her sons move more quickly through strength areas and spend extra time – without penalty of late assignments – on assignments that are more difficult. In addition, the boys no longer have the added pressure of being bullied.

Parent of Online High School StudentAfter homeschooling her son through eighth grade, Teresa began looking for alternatives. She researched different virtual school options and determined that eAchieve Academy offered the strongest teacher-led curriculum.

“One of the big benefits of eAchieve Academy is that students have teachers who actually teach a regular class every week through the live sessions. Those live sessions allow the students to talk to one another and ask questions of their teacher who is specifically trained in that subject.”

Teresa’s daughter also transitioned to eAchieve Academy. Both have found a wide variety of classes, including AP courses that are helping them prepare for furthering their education upon high school graduation.

“There is a learning attitude at eAchieve Academy that gives the impression there is a different way to get your child to learn to the best of their ability.”



Madison Area Online High School Student's MotherTraditional school wasn’t easy for Kate’s daughter who suffered from health problems that often kept her at home and attention issues that made a large school overwhelming. Kate’s daughter transferred to eAchieve Academy her sophomore year.

“The transition was very positive. It was a relief for her not to deal with the school environment. It has allowed her instead to focus on the school work.”

Kate’s been impressed with the learning environment at eAchieve Academy and the level of support it offers.

“We’ve been really impressed by the accessibility of teachers. It’s not just independent learning with a teacher proctoring the exam. The teachers are very responsive and willing to help. I’m comfortable she is in an environment where she can be successful.”




Onilne High School ParentAfter being fed up with bullying issues in the public school system, Laurie moved her son into an online learning environment in 8th grade and enrolled in eAchieve Academy for high school.

“We’ve been extremely happy with the school from the teachers to the counselors – we just can’t say enough good things about it. Our son is getting an excellent education, and the flexibility of online learning a huge advantage.”

Since her son is a second-degree Taekwondo black belt and trains extensively in addition to working 20 hours a week, the family also finds the use of time is just so much better.

“We never realized how much time was wasted during the school day. He’s like a little college student. He’s very focused and he’s learning good time management.”

Laurie also finds the teachers exceptionally responsive and is impressed by their dedication to providing individualized help.

“There’s a one-on-one feeling. The teachers are just phenomenal. He never got that kind of personal attention before. The teachers go out of their way to make sure he understands the information.”

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Parents Rave about the Benefits of Online High, Middle and Elementary School

Parents of online high school student celebrate graduationParental guidance is an integral part of any student’s academic support system, whether they choose online or traditional schooling. If your child attends online high school classes, the parent-student-teacher triangle becomes the most important factor for success. eAchieve Academy makes it easy for parents to help your student achieve online success. We provide progress reports after the 4th, 8th and 12th week of each semester with personalized notes from their teachers as well as an indication of your child’s work quality. Parents can also access their student’s gradebook 24/7 from a computer or mobile device.

Your student’s teachers are also readily available through phone or email. If your child has a specific educational need, frequently travels or comes from a diverse background, an online school is an excellent alternative to traditional elementary, middle and high schools. eAchieve Academy also has the highest graduation rate among all online high schools in the state of Wisconsin, making it the obvious choice.

Read through eAchieve Academy parent reviews to see what other parents have to say about the benefits of online schooling.

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