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Online AP Spanish High School Course

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El Escorial in Spain, Representing Culture Studied in Online AP Spanish ClassTake high school AP Spanish online and earn 1 full foreign language credit toward your high school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students.

AP Spanish


In the AP Spanish Language course, students work on perfecting their Spanish speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. They study vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects of the language, then apply what they've learned in extensive written and spoken exercises.

Upon completion of the course, students will have an expansive vocabulary and a solid, working knowledge of all verb forms and tenses. As the equivalent of a college-level language course, AP Spanish Language prepares students for the AP Exam and for further study of Spanish language, culture, or literature.

Learning Targets:

Listening - Students will understand the main idea and supporting details of spoken language that incorporates familiar vocabulary and structures and respond appropriately.

Reading - Students will understand selected written materials on various topics.

Speaking - Students will apply knowledge of Spanish pronunciation and intonation patterns in various situations.

Writing - Students will respond to statements or questions in Spanish; write compositions and conversations on selected topics, which incorporate description, detail and accurate grammatical structures.

Culture - Students will explain how aspects of the Spanish-speaking culture differ from their own and discuss the influence of the Spanish-speaking culture in the global community.

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This is a NCAA-Certified Class

eAchieve Academy is an official NCAA-accredited online core class provider and this online Advanced Placement Spanish class meets the NCAA core course requirements. To see the full list of NCAA-approved online high school courses offered by eAchieve Academy, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (use school code #502388).

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Everything You Need to Know About Online AP Courses

Online school won't limit a student's opportunities after graduation, in fact the opposite. eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of online AP courses that will help students stand out on college admissions applications, challenge them academically, earn college credit in high school, and open up doors for them down the road. Many students have questions about how online AP courses work like:

Are AP Classes Worth It?

In short: Yes, if you are willing to put in the work. AP courses are more challenging than traditional courses, but the rewards are many. For one, you can explore your favorite subjects in more depth than a normal class. When it comes time to apply to colleges, AP courses show admissions staff that you're willing to work hard and challenge yourself. In addition, you can get college credit for AP Course

How Hard Are AP Classes?

AP courses are more challenging than regular courses, but the benefits are worth it. In AP you will cover more material in greater detail, which means more homework and more studying. However, with more work comes a greater reward. Standing out to college admissions staff and thousands of dollars in savings on tuition are two of the biggest payoffs for challenging yourself in AP highs school classes.

How Do AP Classes Work?

AP courses work the same way as traditional courses in many ways, with a few important differences. Mainly that the work is more challenging and in-depth, but also you can earn college credit since AP classes are considered introductory level college classes. The other biggest difference is the final is a standardized statewide test, rather than a test written by your instructor.

Can I Take Online AP Classes?

You absolutely can! eAchieve Academy offers a range of online AP courses that will prepare you for the future and challenge you academically now. Taking virtual AP is a great way to get all the benefits of advanced placement courses on a schedule that works for you. 

How Many AP Classes Should I Take Each Year?

The right amount of AP Courses varies. We recommend an AP schedule that becomes progressively more challenging as students near graduation. It is important to take enough AP to challenge yourself and achieve your academic goals, but not so many that you become overwhelmed and struggle to succeed.

What's the Difference Between AP and Regular Classes?

The differences day to day are more challenging coursework and more in-depth study. The long term differences are that AP courses can help you get into college by demonstrating to admissions office that you're willing to work hard, and also save you money on tuition by counting as college credit.

What Are the Pros and Cons of AP Classes?

When it comes to AP, you get out what you put in. AP is more work, more involved, and more time invested. For your increased effort you get more choices in after-graduation opportunities, as well as potentially thousands of dollars in savings on tuition. There's more required of you in AP courses, but many students find the extra challenge to be worth it.

How does the Weighted AP GPA Work?

Schools want to reward students who choose to take on greater academic challenges. By using a weighted GPA scale, it is possible for students to achieve a greater than 4.0 GPA if they apply themselves diligently to their AP studies. This scale has the added benefit of not penalizing students who challenge themselves and find that they can't achieve a perfect score in their AP coursework.

How do you take online AP classes outside high school?

eAchieve Academy offers online AP classes to any high school student in Wisconsin. You can enroll part-time if there are one or two AP classes you want to take without completely switching schools. eAchieve is a FREE public school in the Wisconsin school system. 

What are the best AP classes to take in high school?

Start by thinking about the subjects you’ve had the most success in so far. AP classes take a deeper dive into subject matter and are more challenging, so playing to your personal interests and abilities is wise. If you’re already thinking ahead to college, you can choose AP classes to head a head start on your major.

Can homeschooled students take AP Spanish?

Absolutely. Homeschooled students can earn AP credit with online courses through eAchieve Academy. You can take up to 2 online courses per semester while enrolled in homeschool or a traditional public school.

Is AP Spanish the same as a college level Spanish class?

High school AP classes and introductory level college classes are meant to be approximately the same level of difficulty.

Will AP classes help my college applications?

Colleges like to see AP classes in general, but simply enrolling isn’t enough to make your application stand out. You’ve got to be able to successfully manage the coursework and earn good scores as well.

Is it realistic to take multiple AP classes at once?

It might not be easy, but managing multiple AP classes can be a worthwhile challenge. The time management skills you develop in high school will come in handy in college and beyond.

Which is better, taking AP classes or dual enrollment?

It depends. Both can be great ways to challenge yourself and learn more about a subject you’re deeply interested in. However college admissions departments can view AP and dual enrollment very differently.

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