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US in a Global Perspective Online High School Class

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Statue of Liberty and Skyline Symbolizing Online US in a Global PerspectiveTake US in a Global Perspective online and earn 0.5 credits (as an elective) toward your high school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students.

US in a Global Perspective


This one semester course is designed to help students develop a cultural understanding of various countries in the world today and their relationship with the United States. Students will study current events around the world, focusing on how these events came to be, what the role of the United States is in these events, and their political, social, and economic impact on the world.

Learning Targets:

  1. Writing: Develop a thesis, support with multiple forms of evidence, and provide analysis with an explanation in written form.
  2. Reading: Identify main ideas, analyze supporting details, and evaluate inferences within discipline-specific readings.
  3. Content: Apply content in order to evaluate relationships and draw conclusions.
  4. Communication: Produce clear and coherent communication in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and evidence.




1 Semester

Grade Level:

10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade

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