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Biology Course for Online High School

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Cell Structure Illustration for Wisconsin Online High School Biology ClassTake a high school Biology class online and earn 1 science credit toward your high school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students!



This course is an introduction to general biology and to the processes of scientific inquiry and thinking. It will include the fundamental principles of living organisms, including:

  • the physical and chemical properties of life
  • cellular organization and function
  • the transfer of energy through metabolic systems
  • cellular reproduction
  • the classification of living things
  • the six kingdoms of life 

The main focus is to present biological information in an understandable and straightforward way that will capture the student's interest while covering up-to-date principles and concepts.

Learning Targets:

Target 1: Obtain and evaluate information through accepted science and engineering practices

Target 2: Know, use, and interpret scientific concepts correctly and appropriately

Target 3: Recognize and apply crosscutting concepts as they appear in core scientific ideas as well as through time.

Target 4: Employ appropriate literacy skills through writing, reading, and discourse in scientific and engineering contexts.



This Class Is a Required Prerequisite for:

Anatomy and Physiology

This Class Is a Recommended Prerequisite for:

Physics  AP Chemistry  Environmental Science


Full Year

Grade Level:

9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade

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