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Online School FAQ

Answers to Common Questions about Online High School

Switching from a traditional school to an online learning environment is a big step for many families. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of questions about how online middle, high and elementary school works, the costs and other general questions. Learning your Wisconsin district school options and comparing them to eAchieve can be a process: we're here to help.

Don’t worry, you are not the first person to wonder about adjusting to a new learning environment.

Below are answers to the most common questions we are asked. If you have a question you do not see answered here, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you understand how our online school works.

Are regular high school diplomas issued?

Graduates of eAchieve Academy receive a regular high school diploma from the School District of Waukesha. All of our graduates are encouraged to take part in June commencement. eAchieve Academy has more graduates than any other Wisconsin virtual high school!

You will graduate from eAchieve Academy with more than just a diploma, though. You will have an edge over many of your peers because you will have developed self-discipline, critical thinking and time management skills to work independently. These traits will help you thrive in college, work and life.

Are students supplied laptops?

Yes. Any full-time eAchieve Academy online high school or middle school student who needs a computer will be provided with a free laptop at no expense to the family.

Students who prefer to use their own computer may do so as well. Most PCs or Macs purchased in recent years should meet the needs of eAchieve Academy technology requirements.

Are there any other mandatory costs associated with the school?

No. Certain classes may have associated fees for lab kits, but there are no mandatory extra costs if you apply to our online high school during open enrollment.

Are there opportunities to meet fellow students?

Absolutely! There are many opportunities to interact with your online classmates. We have numerous clubs, including snow club, National Honor Society, science club and a student council. You can get together with classmates at activities in different parts of the state for some water park fun, skiing and snow tubing, hiking, athletic events, field trips and bowling. eAchieve Academy even holds prom in Wisconsin Dells every spring and an online talent show!

You can also stay in regular contact with your classmates through online discussion boards, open time before the weekly eSessions while the teacher is prepping for the class and through IM. With eAchieve Academy, you have the opportunity to meet and enjoy new friends without all the extra drama of a traditional school.

Can credit-deficient young people get help from eAchieve Academy to graduate?

If you are senior-aged, short high school credits, under age 21 and want to earn your high school diploma, eAchieve Academy can help. We offer a competency-based diploma for people who want to graduate high school but lack the credits to do so. Contact Anna Lardinois for details at 262-224-8114.

Can I start online school anytime?

Yes, you can start online K-12 school anytime given you meet a few requirements for immediate mid-year transfer. You can learn more amount the immediate transfer process here. Enrollment is wide open for all applicants during the open enrollment period.

Can students participate in sports teams or clubs at their area school?

Students at eAchieve Academy are not eligible to compete in WIAA-sanctioned events. Taking part in other activities, like intramural sports or club activities, is at the discretion of your resident school. If you live in the southeastern Wisconsin area, you are welcome to participate in clubs sponsored by the School District of Waukesha middle and high schools. Contact our online high school for more information on eligibility in sports, clubs and other activities. 

Can students with special needs enroll at eAchieve Academy?

Approximately 10% of eAchieve Academy students have a documented disability. Our instructors help these students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). All students with an IEP have a special education teacher/case manager assigned to them. We welcome students with special needs and offer many related support services. eAchieve Academy counselors can help you decide if the independent nature of online learning is the right fit for your education.

Do mobile devices work to get class content?

Most class content will work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. However, some JAVA and Flash-based content is not supported on all mobile phones. Contact our online K12 school for more information on required technology for virtual education.

Does eAchieve Academy help pay for Internet access?

Yes. A $15 per month ($60 per semester) stipend is provided to families and paid after the successful completion of each semester. In addition, Time Warner and Comcast provide further assistance to low-income families. Ask an eAchieve Academy enrollment coordinator for more details.

Does online K-12 school count as full time enrollment?

Yes, online K12 school DOES count as full time enrollment in the state of Wisconsin. Full time online coursework with eAchieve Academy offers students unprecedented flexibility to build their schedule according to their strengths and weaknesses.

How are classes held, or do students learn entirely on their own?

Live eSession classes using web conferencing are led by your experience instructors every week. These live sessions enable you to see presentations and demonstrations while interacting with the entire class. The live eSessions encourage discussion through real-time voice communications, instant messaging and an interactive white board. Using the technology, you can raise your hand, ask and answer questions, take polls and work with other students.

If you can't attend the live eSession, they are recorded for you to watch when and where it best works for you.

How can I take AP classes outside high school?

If your school doesn't offer AP classes (or at least the AP classes you're looking for to get into your favorite college), you'll be interested in availability for online AP courses. Taking AP classes outside of high school in Wisconsin is as easy as enrolling for FREE with eAchieve Academy.

How can students make sure they don't fall too far behind?

Each course has a pace chart to lay out your path to success. They are your best tool to ensure you stay on target to successfully complete the class. Stick to the pace chart and you should not fall behind in your coursework.

How do I finish high school online and get my diploma?

An online public charter school like eAchieve Academy helps students and adults under age 21 get the final credits they need to graduate, finish high school online and get their diploma. It's as easy as applying for enrollment and help us help YOU iron out the details and get your diploma.

How do students get help from their teachers?

eAchieve Academy teachers are passionate about helping you succeed. They take great pride in their responsiveness. Many teachers report excellent communication with their students through the eAchieve Academy online program. Whether it's by email, phone, or live eSessions, they are readily available to clarify material and answer your questions. In addition, most teachers hold regularly scheduled online office hours each week for students to drop in and ask questions or get help.

How do students turn in their work?

Whether you are an eAchieve Academy online middle school or high school student, all your assignments are submitted through our virtual school web site. Elementary students submit their work via Google Drive. If you have any more questions about how online school works, contact our virtual learning experts at eAchieve Academy.

How do you sign up and take online high school classes?

The signup process is pretty straightforward but can vary based on what exactly you're applying for and when you're doing it. The State of Wisconsin offers students four options for taking online high school classes - standard open enrollment, part-time enrollment, alternate open enrollment and immediate transfer.

Learn more about how to sign up for online high school with eAchieve Academy.

How long do students have to complete class requirements?

All class requirements must be completed by the end of the semester. The pace charts provided for each course should be used as a guide to avoid falling behind. We very strongly encourage all of our students to keep up with the pace recommended by your instructor to avoid having too much to do at the end of the semester.

How much does eAchieve Academy cost?

Tuition is free for both full-time and part-time students for Wisconsin residents as long as you apply within the open enrollment windows. eAchieve Academy is funded by the state of Wisconsin - just like traditional public schools.

How much study time is required each day?

Our courses are designed to require approximately an hour of studying each day. Advanced students may finish more quickly. Students who need a little more time can take as long as they need. eAchieve Academy offers you an flexible online school environment putting you and your family in charge of your study schedule.

Is online K-12 school better for students with social anxiety?

Virtual schooling can be a great option for students with social anxiety or other social disorders that make a traditional brick-and-mortar education a struggle. Online K-12 school gives you the flexibility to pursue the classwork and social interaction that is best for YOUR child.

Is participation in the state's standardized tests required?

Yes. Here is a list of all the state tests required as a condition of enrollment. Parents will be responsible for transporting their children to and from proctoring locations established around the state.

Test Grade Levels Dates
Forward 2nd - 8th April
ACT 11th April
ACT Aspire 9th & 10th Late April-May
PALS K - 2nd various

Students are also required to take the MAP test three times throughout the school year. The MAP test is a school-administered test taken from home on the student's computer to monitor their progress in reading and math skills. For more questions about standardized testing, contact the online schooling experts at eAchieve Academy.

Is there software that must be purchased?

No. eAchieve Academy makes every attempt to use free, open software whenever possible. Any non-freeware required for a course will be provided at no cost. The only possible costs incurred to you would be for lab kits or physical textbooks for certain courses. 

Must students follow a specific time frame for their class work?

Being able to work through tests, learning activities and assessments at your own pace is one of the primary benefits of attending a virtual middle and high school. Students are provided with handy pace charts to track their progress throughout courses. You can learn whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. A weekly schedule is provided for each class and you are strongly encourage to stay on pace. If the weekly schedule does not fit your personal needs, there is no penalty if you need to adjust and adapt it. All work must be submitted by the end of each semester, though.

What are the graduation requirements?

Online high school graduation requirements are akin to all Wisconsin high schools and meet college admissions requirements. In fact, eAchieve Academy graduates are accepted to a wide range of in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities. Many of our graduates receive great college scholarships!

What is a resident school district?

A resident school district is the school district which coincides with your residence, or where you live and/or sleep at night. You may sleep at a residence, facility, or community home, which falls within the boundaries of a school district which you have the option of attending. Our Wisconsin school district list outlines all schools in the Wisconsin system to help you better understand your options.

Your residence may be within the perimeter of several school districts since many have overlapping boundaries, and if you are a resident of Wisconsin you may enroll in free online classes from eAchieve anywhere in the state. Consult our list and a professional to find the best path to education for your child

What is online K-12 school like?

Enrolling in online high school is a big step towards an alternative lifestyle, especially for high schoolers used to the routine of attending brick-and-mortar classes at a traditional public schools. Learn more about what online K-12 school is like for students and parents in Wisconsin.

What kinds of other learning activities accompany classes?

Similar to a traditional school setting, your virtual learning experience will feature reading and writing assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. In addition, there will be simulations, discussion boards, blogs and wikis. The difference is everything is posted online and available from the first day of school. You get to learn in a comfortable environment while working on assignments at a time fitting your lifestyle.

What's the difference between online learning and traditional learning?

The technological innovation in the early 21st century is completely changing the K-12 educational landscape. Parents and students have all sorts of potential options to make the most of their K-12 education.

Here are some of the biggest differences between online learning and traditional learning for elementary, middle and high school students. eAchieve Academy provides an all-around option that makes the most of all the perks offered by private school, homeschooling and traditional brick and mortar public school education.

Who helps students pick their classes?

Our two eAchieve Academy school counselors travel around the state in the spring to help you determine which classes to take to meet graduation requirements while also tapping into your interests and life goals. With more than 115 classes, including advanced placement classes and dual college credit classes, you have plenty of choices!

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