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Online Middle School Electives

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Our online middle school electives allow students to learn more about their world and stay engaged in their education.

6th grade electives:

7th grade electives:

8th grade electives:

Elective courses offer online middle school students a wide spectrum of information

online middle school elective classes free for students in Wisconsin

Our core online middle school classes are very similar to the main course requirements at any face-to-face school. Electives are also available from eAchieve Academy to give students the opportunity to explore subjects of special interest to them.

Students can learn about a wide variety of subjects and focus on classes they find interesting.

eAchieve Academy is focused on keeping students actively involved in their education. Our elective online middle school classes include something for everyone. To know all your options, see our list of Wisconsin school districts by county, and determine if your middle schooler needs supplemented classes for a better education.

eAchieve Academy offers business-focused electives to teach your student about future career opportunities. Our health classes teach students about the human body and help them make smart choices. We offer several languages and a multitude of technology classes to prepare your child for our ever-changing world.

Contact us online for more information on your middle school course options, or request enrollment information to get started:


Why are electives important in middle school?

Being educated encompasses far more than just the “three R’s.” Electives provide an opportunity for middle school students to explore subjects of interest to them and learn more about the world around them. Whether it’s a class with practical application or something a student just finds fun or interesting, elective classes provide:

  • An opportunity to practice decision-making
  • Try something they've never tried before
  • Prepare for more advanced classes in high school
  • Gain practical experience using technology, exploring career options or learning about food and health

When middle school students aren't limited to required classes and get to play a part in directing their studies, it helps them develop the confidence and skills they'll need for a successful high school career.

How to choose middle school electives

There are no rules here. Students can choose an elective that covers a subject of personal interest, like the theater, or take a class with a more practical application, such as the Keyboarding class, or a Gateway to Technology class.

Some things to consider when picking middle school electives:

  • How much work will the class require? If the student already has a heavy course load, it may make more sense to choose less intense elective classes.
  • Does the middle school student already have a future career in mind? For highly motivated middle school students, electives can be a way to create a strong foundation for high school and a career or higher education.
  • Is it time to broaden the horizons? While the first instinct might be to sign up for classes you already have a strong background or interest in, there can be a huge upside to trying something completely new.
  • Don't be afraid to get a professional opinion. Our guidance counselors have years of experience helping students choose their online courses and make the most of their middle school years.

Middle school electives for homeschooled students

eAchieve Academy offers 20 elective classes ranging from introductory Latin and classes on theater design to an introduction to Digital Arts and other 21st century digital technology classes. 

Homeschooled middle schoolers can enroll in up to 2 online classes each semester at eAchieve, including core classes and electives. With our part-time enrollment option students can stick with their homeschool curriculum (or stay at their current middle school) and still take advantage of free online elective courses through eAchieve.

Free online elective classes for middle school students anywhere in Wisconsin

You don’t have to live in a specific city or school district in Wisconsin to be eligible for our free online classes. Thanks to Wisconsin open enrollment, students in any WI school district are welcome to apply at eAchieve - no move required! This is a great option if your school doesn’t offer the class you want, you want to fit an extra class into your schedule to graduate early or make up a credit, or you're looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar school environment.

Contact eAchieve online with your questions about middle school electives or request enrollment information to get started!
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