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Middle school course list

Online Middle School 6th Grade Classes

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Our 6th grade curriculum includes traditional middle school courses & electives.

The core 6th grade courses are:

This year's electives open to 6th graders are:


Online sixth grade classes in WisconsinScience, reading, math & social studies courses form a solid foundation for the first year of middle school 

eAchieve Academy has an expansive selection of online 6th grade classes to ensure every student has an outstanding first year of middle school. Your 6th grader will be able to learn at his/her own pace, free from social distractions, in a safe and welcoming environment with top-notch instructors.

Online sixth grade courses lay the groundwork for success in high school & beyond

Middle school is a critical point in your child’s development. Our core 6th grade online classes include programs designed to offer your child a well-rounded education. eAchieve Academy is focused on the holistic development of your child through a challenging online middle school program.

Free online sixth grade classes for WI students

Do 6th grade students focus better in an online learning environment?

Online learning eliminates the social distractions that cause many students to fall behind. So, yes, online learning enables students to better focus on their education.

At eAchieve Academy, there are a number of success indicating traits our students possess and use to do well in our virtual classrooms. Our education and counseling staff is along for the entire ride, working to make sure our 6th grade students stay on track and don't fall behind in their online courses.

Students who enroll in the online 6th grade program at eAchieve Academy take state-approved courses focused on helping them build their skills and knowledge. At this level, students are in the process of understanding how to write more complicated essays, set up and conduct simple science experiments, and learning to recognize important events and people in history.


Enrollment at eAchieve Academy is easy and free. Our enrollment options include: 


Free online learning for 6th grade students – anywhere in Wisconsin

Free of the distractions of a crowded classroom, our 6th grade students learn how to be independent in a world where dependence is oftentimes unintentionally encouraged. Our instructors are always available for one-on-one help when needed. For shy children, and those not comfortable with raising their hands in class, an online learning environment gives them the opportunity to have their voices heard without fear of being ridiculed. Enroll with eAchieve Academy and see how much more your child can achieve in 6th grade! 

You're not limited to the traditional educational resources located nearby. Thanks to Wisconsin's open enrollment, students living in any school district in Wisconsin are eligible for free online learning through eAchieve Academy.

Contact us online for more information on your middle school course options, or request enrollment information to get started:


What students learn at the 6th grade level

The 6th grade online school curriculum at eAchieve mirrors that of any public school in Wisconsin. Core 6th grade courses at eAchieve are Middle School Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Middle School Reading: The learning targets for Middle School Reading include comprehension of fiction and nonfiction text, expansion of vocabulary, understanding grammar, development of research skills, and effective communication (written, spoken, and digital). Students use teacher-created instructional materials as well as supplemental online learning programs.
Math: Math at this level covers topics from a variety of sources, including hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and practical applications for math. From the basics of whole numbers, decimals and fractions to introductory algebra, geometry and statistics, 6th grade math forms the basis for more advanced classes.
Science: 6th grade Science is an introduction to the scientific process, chemistry, physics, earth science and biology. Students are presented the concepts through variety of print, audio and online video sources, as well as real-time instruction and discussion board exchanges. Learning targets include learning how to use and interpret scientific concepts and developing literacy skills in scientific and engineering contexts.
Social Studies: An introduction to the geography, history and culture of the western world, the social Studies class helps students understand the impact of geography and helps develop an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity. Development of writing, reading, and communication skills are key learning targets.

What does it cost to attend 6th grade at eAchieve Academy?

Because eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school operated by the Waukesha School District, there is no cost for Wisconsin students to attend, and students living in ANY Wisconsin school district are welcome to apply. The school even provides a laptop free of charge to all full-time students, and at the completion of each successful semester parents receive a reimbursement for their monthly internet access fees.

Students living outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

Who can enroll in online sixth grade classes?

eAchieve is open to all Wisconsin sixth grade students. In addition to full-time enrollment, students can enroll as part-time students to augment the curriculum at their bricks and mortar school, or to take elective classes not offered at their local school. Homeschooled sixth graders are also welcome to take part-time online classes through eAchieve Academy.

A valuable resource for homeschooled 6th graders

Parents of home schooled children sometimes struggle with teaching their children a subject they don’t understand as well as they’d like. That’s where eAchieve Academy can help. If Math wasn’t your strong suit, for instance, you can have your child take a math class through eAchieve Academy and get all the online help he needs. Home schooled students can enroll as a part-time student at eAchieve and take one or two classes per semester.

Online school enrollment information

How sixth grade online learning works

Although there are no classrooms where students gather, eAchieve offers weekly, teacher-led “eSessions” that provide an opportunity for students to ask questions, participate in discussions, and interact with other students. Students are provided a pace chart for each class to help them stay on track with their coursework. Additionally, all students also have an academic advisor and counselor to help ensure they meet their full potential.

Learn more about how virtual learning works

Is sixth grade online school easier than regular school?

It depends on the student – many of our pupils find our online 6th grade curriculum easier than a traditional brick-and-mortar school setting because it eliminates commuting, social dramas and other distractions. Online students get to study at their own pace, moving quickly through subjects they find easy, and spending more time improving at challenging subjects. Switching to online school starting in 6th grade can be a great option for students with anxiety, because they have ample opportunity to ask questions and benefit from more one-on-one personalized learning.

Contact eAchieve online to ask a question or request enrollment information to get started!
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