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Middle school course list

Online Middle School Overview and Course List

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2019-2020 eAchieve Academy Online Middle School List

Preliminary course list—subject to change


  • Middle School Reading
  • 7th Grade Language Arts
  • 8th Grade Language Arts

    Enroll in online English courses with eAchieve Academy - it's FREE for Wisconsin students.

    All students will have constant access to Wisconsin state-certified instructors all committed to students' academic success.

    You may switch to eAchieve online English middle school classes full-time or only enroll as a part-time supplement. It's up to you - that's the beauty of the program.



  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade Math

    Middle school students who enroll in eAchieve Academy's online math courses will be introduced to basic concepts in fractions, decimals, equations, integers and all sorts of fundamentals in mathematics.

    As with all eAchieve Academy courses enrollment is FREE for Wisconsin students.



  • 6th Grade Science
  • 7th Grade Science
  • 8th Grade Science

    eAchieve Academy online Middle School Science courses introduce students to concepts in biology, chemistry, ecology and the importance of the scientific method.

    Science courses on all levels provide a strong foundationa for more advanced study at the high school level.


Social Studies

  • 6th Grade Social Studies
  • 7th Grade Social Studies
  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    Wisconsin Middle School students enrolled in online Social Studies courses with eAchieve Academy begin with foundational concepts in geography, history, culture and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

    Students will start with a foundational base in world & US history to equip them with the knowledge and framework necessary to excel in High School Social Studies & history courses.

1 Course participants may incur nominal expenses for project materials
One semester is required for promotion from Middle School

Online middle school students studying on computers outside

Free Classes for Wisconsin Middle School Students

eAchieve Academy provides free online classes for middle school aged residents of Wisconsin. Chartered through the Waukesha School District, eAchieve Academy is an educational option available to all state residents through Wisconsin’s open enrollment program.

Tuition is free of charge, and we provide you with a free laptop. You do not need to return your laptop at the end of the school year—you get to keep it.

Besides the free laptop, eAchieve Academy also gives every student a $60 stipend for internet service after each semester.

Top notch, tuition-free public education fitting your student’s unique requirements is available, regardless of where you live in Wisconsin. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your child the education he or she deserves.

Traditional Schools Are Not the Best Fit for Every Student

Traditional middle schools implement a top-down, one-size-fits-all education model. They organize a plan for every student as if they are all the same. If you're interested in traditional schooling, check our list of Wisconsin school districts by county to best determine your options.

For some students, traditional schooling is not the best fit. Gifted, talented, working and medically challenged students are all forced to conform themselves to one model.

eAchieve Academy knows every student is different. Children learn at varying paces and ought to be taught accordingly. Students proficient in a particular subject can progress faster through the curriculum than the standard rate. Those who need more time to absorb the subject matter deserve the time they need to succeed.

Our online middle school program conforms itself to your child—not the other way around. With eAchieve Academy, your child will receive the flexibility necessary to excel in class and in life.

Public school district choices in Wisconsin

You have options for schools no matter which Wisconsin school district you live in. Choosing a school depends on many factors and you have a choice. Public schools nearby are NOT your only option. Students under 21 living anywhere in the state are welcome to apply at eAchieve.

Charter school available to all Wisconsin students

Looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar K-12 school for your child? You may be interested in a public charter school. eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school available for full-time enrollment or as a supplement to homeschooling.

Online Middle School Provides a Supplement to Homeschooling

Three Wisconsin Online Middle School Students Studying on a Free LaptopParents who homeschool their children often feel overwhelmed by the tremendous responsibility of being teacher and parent.

While eAchieve Academy is not a substitute for a homeschooling program, it is an excellent supplement. Our online middle school helps parents by carrying the weight in subjects the parent is struggling to teach or courses not offered by the homeschooling curriculum.

Students are given access to live sessions affording them real time interaction with teachers and other students.

Pace charts guide students’ progress through the curriculum, letting parents know the speed at which students should proceed to avoid falling behind.

Online middle school provides homeschooling parents with a happy medium: students get the flexibility afforded by a home schooling environment, but are not 100% dependent on their parents’ teaching skills and the chosen curriculum.

Give your child the support they need to complete a comprehensive, homeschool K-12 education without sacrificing parental oversight. Supplement their homeschooling with eAchieve Academy’s online program and help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

Read Online Middle School Reviews from Students, Parents, and Teachers

8th Grade Student of Online School Looking at Books and Free ComputerThere are a lot of school choices open to Wisconsin middle school students. A great way to tell which are good for your child is reading reviews from other parents and their children.

eAchieve Academy’s online middle school has received glowing reviews from former students and their parents.

Our teachers embrace the chance to connect with children who struggle to be reached by traditional schooling.

Students have voiced appreciation for the flexibility offered by online courses. Establishing your own pace means more time can be spent on projects demanding it and less time is necessary for courses students find easier. Many others note the lower levels of social pressure found online. There is no worry about how to look or what to wear.

Parents with special needs students are thrilled with the services provided by the eAchieve Academy. Our full-time special education teachers can adapt the program to fit your child’s educational plan. Students who have trouble conforming to traditional schooling thrive at eAchieve Academy.

Wisconsin Online Middle School Curriculum Includes Core Courses

Two Online 7th Grade Students Studying on Free ComputereAchieve Academy provides students with all the core subjects found in traditional schooling—math, language arts, science and social studies. The fundamental middle school curriculum remains intact.

Your child will not miss anything academically by transferring to our online middle school.

What distinguishes eAchieve Academy from the traditional model is the flexibility of our coursework and availability beyond the traditional model.

Our online middle school also features a diverse selection of elective classes such as Digital Imaging, Music Appreciation, and Business Ventures. If certain conditions are met, students can even earn high school credit for middle school courses.

Give your child the opportunity to receive a comprehensive, online, public K-12 education in the state of Wisconsin.

Pros & Cons of Online Middle School

Online school, just the same as traditional school, is not perfect for every kind of student. Parents must weigh the pros and cons of online education when deciding what’s best for their child.

Students enrolled in an online program must develop strong time management skills, practice discipline and remain motivated on a day-to-day basis.

The reward for maintaining dedication to eAchieve Academy’s online program is a personalized and flexible educational experience and lifelong skills. Students who optimize their course scheduling have more time to spend on valuable extracurricular activities important to them, whether it be work, athletics, developing musical talents or focusing on the arts.

Students motivated to educate themselves and keep up with their pace charts earn a hugely rewarding educational experience not found in traditional schools.

Course Catalog Includes Electives in Languages like Spanish, French, and German

6th Grade Online Middle School Student Studying in ParkMany traditional schools offer some electives at the middle school level, but few match the breadth available from eAchieve Academy.

Our online middle school features several electives, including diverse options for foreign language studies. Languages are most easily learned and ingrained early in life—eAchieve Academy offers middle school-level students a chance to begin earlier than possible in many traditional institutions.

Spanish, French, German and even Latin are all offered to interested students, giving them a head start on their high school language courses.

Our online middle school electives courses feature introductory classes in digital arts, keyboarding, business ventures, and technology.

Enroll in eAchieve Academy’s online program, and your child will be able to choose from a diverse selection of course offerings to build a personalized educational plan.

Online Middle School is Part of our Complete K-12 Program

Online education is not just for high school. With eAchieve Academy, you may start your child at any level of our comprehensive K-12 system and they can remain in the online school program until they graduate high school.

Enrolling early in our program gives your child more time to build skills necessary to thrive in online school and life.

Class organization and structure remains a constant throughout our online school experience. The jumps from elementary to middle to high school are far less jarring for those enrolled in eAchieve Academy than they are in traditional schools.

Sign up for eAchieve Academy’s free online middle school classes to give your child a completely free, K-12 public education.

Contact eAchieve Academy to learn more about our free online middle school open to all Wisconsin residents.
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