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Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry Course for Online High School

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Limit Equation for Pre Calculus Class in Wisconsin Online High SchoolTake high school Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry online and earn 1 math credit toward your high school diploma. It's free for Wisconsin students!

Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry


Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry is intended to follow Algebra II and extend students' knowledge of function characteristics, equation solving and trigonometric concepts. Students enrolled in this course are assumed to have mastered Algebra II concepts and have had some exposure to trigonometry. This course will serve as appropriate preparation for calculus. Graphing calculators will be used to enhance student learning.

It is strongly recommended that students own a graphing calculator for this course (the teacher will suggest a certain type), but it is possible to complete the course without one.

Learning Targets:

Functions and Their Graphs

Trigonometric Functions

Analytic Trigonometry

Additional Topics in Trigonometry

Expressions and Equations

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Sequences and Series


Both of these courses:

Algebra 1  Algebra 2

And either of these courses:

Geometry  Honors Geometry

This Class Is a Prerequisite for:

AP Calculus A/B  AP Physics 2


Full Year

Grade Level:

10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade

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