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What Online K12 School is Like

7 Things Everybody Asks About Going to Online School

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What is Online School Like?What is online school like through eAchieve Academy?

Online school is a great choice for many students who crave independence that they aren't getting from brick-and-mortar schools. If you're considering eAchieve Academy as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schooling you're probably wondering "What is online school actually like?" Below are seven of the most common questions about what it's like to attend an online school.


How much does online school cost?

Since eAchieve Academy is a public charter school the cost for online K-12 school is absolutely free! Students don't pay a dime for online classes, however some courses will have modest fees for class supplies and materials. 

Are online school diplomas legitimate

Yes, a high school diploma is exactly the same as any other public school diploma. Since eAchieve Academy is chartered out of the Waukesha School District it is subject to the exact same standards for accreditation and students are held to the same graduation requirements as a public school. Students who graduate from eAchieve Academy go on to colleges across the country, join the military and begin careers.

Are there opportunities to meet other online school students?

Yes! eAchieve Academy has many ways for students across the state to meet up, interact and work together on projects and activities. Many clubs and organizations that you would find in a brick-and-mortar school can also be found online. Some of the clubs and organizations at eAchieve Academy include:

  • National Honor Society
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook
  • Science Club
  • Music groups

Every spring eAchieve Academy even hosts a prom!

How much do students need to study every day?

Most online courses require about an hour of study time every day. However, one of the advantages of online school is flexible schedule. Which means that students are able to work ahead, or take more time if they need it. Working on a flexible online school schedule gives students the power to make their studying work for their needs and schedules.

What's the difference between online learning and traditional learning?

There are many similarities between online learning and traditional education. Both involve attending classes, completing assigned readings and assignments, and final exams and evaluations at the end of each semester. The biggest difference between online school and traditional school is the type of student it takes to be successful in an online format. Unlike traditional schooling, the responsibility is fully on students to complete work on time, seek help if needed and stay on track to graduate.

How do you sign up and take online high school classes?

Enrolling in online classes is very simple. The process mostly involves notifying the State of Wisconsin of your intention to attend online school. There are specific time periods when you are eligible to complete the enrollment process, which depend on your circumstances. 

What do students need for online school?

Technology is the most important thing students will need to succeed online. To ensure every student has access to the technology needed to attend online school eAchieve Academy provides every student with a FREE laptop and internet stipend every semester.

Additionally, students will need more traditional school supplies such as notebooks, pens and pencils, and other supplies as they are needed for class projects and activities.

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