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Online K-12 Learning vs. Traditional Education for High School

Online learning vs. traditional K-12 learning & alternative education options

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How does online K12 learning compare to brick and mortar education?

Traditional schools used to be the only option for K-12 education. Now, the internet allows students to learn without limits. How do online schools compare to the brick and mortar schools of the past? eAchieve Academy, Wisconsin's best online K12 school, gives students greater control over their education. Learn how our online academy compares to other Wisconsin school options.

  1. 1. Online learning vs brick & mortar public schools

    Sad Public School Student

    Traditional public schools are not right for every student. Classrooms are becoming overcrowded as teachers are overworked. Students who fall behind are often left behind. And the heavy workload combined with a strict schedule mean kids cannot enjoy hobbies, attend extracurricular events, or get jobs. 

    Since public schools are government funded and subject to the public opinion of local municipalities, certain programs and opportunities may not be available to all. Art and music programs are among the first to be cut when a school district has budget issues.

    Finally, brick & mortar schools are a danger to some students. Germs thrive in packed classrooms and spread disease amongst children. Any student with health issues like autoimmune diseases may not be able to learn safely in a public school environment.

  2. The point we'll keep coming back to: there is no one-size-fits-all solution for ANY student. Traditional brick and mortar education may cover key comfort points for many parents and students, but every child is different and their educational options must be flexible to accommodate their strengths and weaknesses.

    With overall accessibility to the internet on the rise & a growing acceptance among universities and companies looking for talent, online learning has stepped in as a primary supplement to the traditional educational path. The requirements for online school are easy to achieve, and we're here to help at every step.
  1. 2. Homeschooling vs. online learning

    Overworked Homeschool Parent

    There are many reasons Wisconsin parents prefer to homeschool their children. Homeschooling lets students learn at their own pace without the problems found at brick & mortar public schools. Yet homeschooling can take a lot of time from parents and guardians who have to double as educators. And teaching can put a strain on the parent-child relationship.

    Homeschools have fewer resources than public or private schools. Participating in sports and extracurricular activities can be difficult for homeschooled children. The costs of academic material will also cut down on money for extracurricular events.

    Homeschooled students can still take Advanced Placement exams but will need to sign up through a local public or private school. Homeschool courses may not meet graduation requirements for the state or be accepted by universities for admittance. 

    A high school diploma earned through an online K-12 school like eAchieve Academy is 100% legitimate and honored by elite universities across the country. No student has EVER been denied admission to a university because their degree was earned through eAchieve Academy. 

    Homeschooling can be a huge investment of time and energy for parents - a virtual online K-12 academy offers resources unavailable for homeschoolers to 1) make flexible at-home education easier 2) ensure students get the education they need to thrive personally and professionally.

  2. 3. Private schools vs. online learning

    Stressed Private School Student

    Private schools are designed to provide a better learning environment than public schools. They use private fees to provide students with more classes like foreign languages and art, encourage unique learning programs, and keep classes smaller for more individual attention. Unfortunately, private schools are often cost-prohibitive to most families in order to maintain these standards.

    Similar to public schools, private schools often have heavy workloads which cause kids to spend all their time studying or doing homework. The close contact with other students also raises health concerns. And students attending private school on academic or sports scholarships may face undue pressure to live up to expectations.

    Private schools carry much of the same positives and negatives of traditional brick and mortar public schools with a typically larger price tag and iffy return on that investment. 

    Online learning offers the higher standards of specialized learning - with the advantage of allowing students to adapt individually in and outside of the classroom.

  3. 4. Distance learning vs. online learning

    Once known as correspondence courses, distance learning has largely been replaced by online schools. Long-distance courses operate out of a physical school and welcome students from anywhere to “attend”. A student in Wisconsin could sign up for a school in California or New York. However, this can cause problems for students when it’s time to graduate and they discover their California courses do not meet Wisconsin graduation requirements. These out-of-state schools can also tack on fees for long-distance students.

    Another major disadvantage of distance learning courses is the occasional requirement for students to appear in person at the school for proctored exams.

  4. 5. Face-to-face tutoring vs. online learning

    Across the state of Wisconsin, specialty “classrooms” are being opened with teachers offering face-to-face lessons and tutoring for K-12 children. The goal of these institutions is to provide students with one-on-one assistance. However, they face many of the same problems as public and private schools. Lessons take place outside of traditional school hours, taking away your child’s limited free time. Tutors are usually trained core classes like math and English but not specialty subjects like foreign languages. And every hour of tutoring is money out of your pocket. 

Interested in online learning? Wisconsin students may enroll at eAchieve Academy for FREE. 

Student Engaged in Virtual Learning

eAchieve Academy is a FREE public school located 100% online. Our courses are available to students in grades K through 12. Online students get one-on-one attention from teachers just like in a face-to-face classroom. Kids can control their own learning schedule just like with homeschooling yet have a wider selection of advanced courses similar to private institutions.

Classes are open by grade:

eAchieve Academy is different from distance learning programs because it is specifically for Wisconsin students. Classes meet all state graduation requirements and diplomas are accepted by all colleges and universities. Additionally, there’s no worrying about missing a class because of a bad Internet connection: every eAchieve student gets a FREE laptop to use in their studies.

eAchieve Academy offers all the best of traditional schools online and virtual learning is FREE for Wisconsin students. Learn more about attending today. Contact us for enrollment information or find your potential class options right now.
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