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How much time should be spent on online clases?

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About how long you can expect to spend on online schoolwork each day

Prospective students often ask how many hours they can expect to spend taking online classes through eAchieve Academy. The answer: It all depends!

How long online school takes each day
How long you spend each day or week on online classes is up to you.

One of the great things about eAchieve is the freedom our students have to do their coursework (which consists of independent study, homework assignments and exams). Students are provided with a pace chart for each class to help keep them on track for completing the course requirements during each semester.

Although you have the flexibility to complete your assignments at any time during a semester, the pace charts give you week by week targets to keep you on track to graduate. Every class has its own pace chart listing weekly assignments, readings, activities and assessments to be completed. Progress is monitored by an academic advisor, but how you spend your time during any given week is entirely up to you.

As an eAchieve student, you can work ahead if the material comes easy to you, or spend more time on concepts you find difficult. You have the option of participating in a live weekly eSession (a virtual classroom with other students participating, too), you can get in touch with a teacher by phone or email if you need extra help, and you can contact your academic advisor for input and support.

eAcheive Academy is great for students who want to plan their education around their lives, as opposed to the conventional school approach of making students plan their lives around their education. If you like to sleep late and work into the night, you can do it. If you need to spend your day helping out on a farm or working, you can do it. You can also make time to participate in sports or clubs. And if you want to work on your classes from 8am ‘til 3pm like you would at a conventional school, you can do that, too.

Is Online Learning at eAchieve Academy Right for You?

Although eAchieve Academy affords students a great deal of autonomy in completing their studies, it requires self-motivation, self-discipline and good time management skills. It’s not right for every student, but for the right students it’s absolutely ideal.

If you’re looking into making the transition to a virtual school but aren’t sure how it all works, take a look at our webpage covering how online high school works.

Online learning at eAchieve is a great full or part-time option for:

  • Non-traditional students
  • Homeschooled students
  • Students attending a traditional high school who want to graduate early
  • Adults under 21 who lack the credits to graduate seeking to earn a competency-based high school  diploma
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