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How Online K-12 School Works

How Does K-12 Online School Work?

K-12 online classes >> How it works

Virtual Classes for Wisconsin Students of All Ages

  1. Attend an in-person or virtual information session
  2. Enroll in eAchieve classes for FREE
  3. Get (virtual) school supplies for FREE
  4. Start your classes at YOUR pace
  5. Get YOUR Degree
  6. How much does online school cost?
  7. Online Vs. Traditional Schooling
  8. Pros and cons of virtual learning
  9. Is online school a good choice for students with anxiety?
  10. Are eAchieve students considered full-time?
  11. When can I enroll in online school?

eAchieve Academy is an online charter school which offers Wisconsin students virtual classes. We offer all the benefits of a public charter school with none of the drawbacks!

How Online School is Like Brick-and-Mortar Schools How eAchieve Online School is Different
  • Teachers are available to assist students with coursework
  • Class credits count towards a real diploma
  • Courses are tuition-free – no extra fees for parents!
  • Electives and clubs for extracurricular activities
  • No transportation problems – say goodbye to early morning drop-offs, long bus rides, and parking fees
  • No overcrowded classrooms where students get lost in the crowd
  • All classes are online – no missed school from snow days or bad weather
  • Students get a FREE laptop
  • Students learn at their own pace
  1. Attend an In-Person or Virtual Information Session

    Every school in Wisconsin offers an open house to prospective students and eAchieve Academy is no exception. We have virtual information session and in-person stops. During these sessions you’ll learn how to sign up for classes, submit assignments and everything our online charter school has to offer!

  2. Enroll in eAchieve Classes for FREE

    As a virtual charter school, eAchieve classes and courses are FREE to Wisconsin residents under the age of 21. Elementary school courses are organized by grade level while middle and high school courses are organized by subject.

    Learning Online with FREE LaptopStudents can sign up for:

    • English
    • Math
    • Science
    • History or Social Studies
    • Music
    • Art
    • Foreign Language

    Additionally, qualifying students are welcome to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) classes for college credit. High school level students are required to complete one service learning credit to graduate.

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  3. Start Your Classes at YOUR Pace

    Pace Chart PlanningeAchieve provides all our students with flexible scheduling options. Students are free to work ahead when they want. 

    Pace charts help students track their course progress throughout each term to stay ahead of assignments. Work for each class is divided into weeks so students can plan ahead. Students receive a separate chart for each class they are enrolled in.

    Parents and guardians are just as important as teachers for eAchieve Academy. We encourage student support with several parent monitoring methods. Stay involved with your child’s academic growth by viewing online progress and activity reports. A custom username and password gives parents 24/7 grade book access as well.

  4. Get YOUR Degree

    While your classes may be virtual your eAchieve Academy diploma is completely real, awarded via the Waukesha School District.

    High school students need 22 credits to earn an eAchieve diploma. eAchieve Academy counselors help students with class selection to ensure they meet graduation requirements on schedule. Transfer students with eligible credits can apply even if they did not take elementary or middle school classes with eAchieve. Homeschool and traditional school students can take eAchieve courses part-time to graduate early.

    Here are more specifics on our virtual charter school works at every grade level:

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    Elementary Level Online Classes

    Elementary School Student Learning OnlineStart your child’s school education by giving them freedom to learn their own way. eAchieve Academy has elementary courses for students in kindergarten through 5th grade.

    At this level, parents must be able to spend 4-6 hours a day on their child’s education. Teachers will share a weekly lesson plan online with the family. Students at higher grade levels will gradually take on more responsibility for their classwork.

    As students transition from elementary to middle school parent's daily involvement is reduced and electives become available

    Middle School Level Online Classes

    Our online charter school provides a welcoming environment for tween and teens. Our middle school covers 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

    Part-time enrollment is perfect for middle school students who enjoy their brick-and-mortar school but want advance their education. eAchieve offers more electives, like foreign languages and music classes, which many face-to-face schools no longer offer.

    What to know about the transition from middle school to high school courses:

    • Students can start enrolling in AP classes in order to take AP exams for college credit.
    • ACT Prep classes are available.
    • More electives become available, including foreign languages and business studies.
    • Students can plan their service learning credit.
    • eAchieve counselors offer transfer transcript review and class selection planning.

    Online Student with Real DiplomaHigh School Level Online Classes

    High schoolers thrive with the flexible courses offered by eAchieve. Our curriculum includes AP classes, a wide range of electives, and every course needed for a Wisconsin diploma. Students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 may take courses on a full or part-time basis to meet graduation requirements.

    Upper classmen can begin planning their future by working hobbies, jobs, travel or community service in around their classes

    What to know about the transition from high school to college/university courses:

    • Credits earned from AP exams can be applied toward most colleges.
    • eAchieve counselors can provide college admissions and entrance exam information.
    • Counselors also offer job hunt preparation.

    At the end of senior year, students receive a real diploma. NO eAchieve graduate has ever had their diploma rejected by a university admissions department.

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    Who Benefits from Virtual School?

    The short answer: everyone!

    The slightly longer answer:

    • Any student who wants greater independence and schedule flexibility
    • Academically gifted students
    • Students with jobs
    • Homeschool students who need to meet graduation requirements
    • Families who frequently move, i.e. students of military families
    • Students involved in time-intensive sports
    • Students who want to take electives not offered at brick-and-mortar school
    • Students with learning, physical, or developmental disabilities

    Virtual Courses for Students with Special Needs

    All eAchieve classes are free for Wisconsin residents under the age of 21. Students with a 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) are welcome to enroll with eAchieve Academy. We have full-time special education staff to assist with special needs students of every age and grade level.

    Extracurricular and Social Opportunities for Online Students

    eAchieve Prom StudentseAchieve Academy promotes student socialization in real life and online. A few social opportunities include:

    • High school prom for freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors
    • Middle school dance for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students
    • National Honor Society membership
    • Student Council
    • Yearbook
    • Science Club
    • Snow Club
    • Music groups
    • Any clubs offered by the School District of Waukesha

    An online eLounge lets students from anywhere in the state interact. Posts are monitored by our staff for appropriateness.

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  5. How Much Does it Cost to Attend an Online School Like eAchieve?

    eAchieve Academy is always 100% FREE. Just like any public school, we are state-funded and never charge for enrollment.

    Not only are classes free, but we will also cover or reimburse families for the resources needed to pursue an online education. Students enrolled in eAchieve Academy receive a FREE laptop to complete their coursework as well as an internet stipend. Technology costs should never prevent a student from getting a quality education.

    The only costs that a student may encounter are those for ordinary school supplies that they would need for any other school.

  6. How does eAchieve Compare to Traditional Schooling Options?

    The internet has opened up a world of educational possibilities for students. Online charter schools like eAchieve Academy offer a variety of advantages over traditional learning.

    Online Learning Vs. Brick-and-Mortar Public Schools

    Traditional public schools don’t account for one of the most important factors in a child’s education: individualization. Every student is different and there is no perfect one-size-fits-all curriculum. With online school, students are allowed to select their own coursework and complete it using strategies and schedules that work best for them.

    Online School Vs. Homeschooling

    Put simply: homeschooling requires an enormous commitment of money, time and labor from parents. eAchieve Academy is a publicly funded university that provides or reimburses families for expenses, offers a large and flexible curriculum, and provides a legitimate diploma that will be accepted by any university.

    Virtual School Vs. Private School

    Private schools have access to resources that many schools do not, which can be used to provide students with more options and keep class sizes smaller. With an online education these benefits are achieved without the steep price tag.

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  7. Online School Pros and Cons

    Online School from eAchieve can seem foreign and unconventional. There are many pros and cons of virtual learning, but when it comes down to it students typically get out what they put in.


    • A more self-paced learning environment
    • Fewer pressures, distractions and dramas
    • Ability to schedule classes in around your life


    • High level of family involvement required
    • Friends must be made elsewhere
    • Students have to learn in a non-traditional environment
  8. Is Online Learning a Good Choice for Students with Anxiety?

    Anxiety can cause highly intelligent, curious and ambitious students to perform poorly in school. Often it is not best to pull your student out of school immediately before seeking treatment. However, in some cases enrollment in an online school can help students with anxiety by providing a more controlled environment. Online school still provides the challenges and social interactions that a child needs to learn to cope with an anxiety disorder and succeed in life.

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  9. Are Online Students Considered Full-Time?

    Students enrolled in eAchieve Academy for a full courseload are considered full-time students. The amount of credits a student needs to be full time varies by grade level, but our counselors will help students choose a course schedule to maintain full-time status.

  10. When Can You Enroll in Online School?

    If you’ve made the decision to attend online school, you’re probably wondering “when can I start?” The simple answer: right now!

    There are several enrollment periods that students can take advantage of. Students subject to a number of special circumstances can leave their current school and get into eAchieve immediately.

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