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Does Online K-12 School Count as Full Time Enrollment

Does online K-12 school count as full time enrollment?

Online K-12 classes >> Does online K-12 school count as full-time enrollment?

K-12 Students Enrolled Online

How Many Online Classes are Required to Be a Full-Time K-12 Student in Wisconsin?

The state of Wisconsin requires students to take a certain amount of credits or hours a semester over the course of five months to be considered a full-time student. eAchieve classes follow a semester schedule in order to meet these requirements. Our students meet full-time enrollment as long as all their semester classes are taken through eAchieve.

The exact amount of credits required varies by student level. On average, 20 hours a week is considered full-time for elementary and middle school students in traditional schools. High school students may need more credits a semester in order to graduate on a full-time schedule. eAchieve doesn’t have these strict standards of brick-and-mortar schools. Our counselors will help your students select the right amount of courses for their grade and abilities to maintain full-time enrollment.

Benefits of full-time online K-12 classes

Full-time online school enrollment has many benefits for students and parents. eAchieve has all the benefits of a public charter school and homeschooling rolled into one. We offer electives, honors, and AP classes in addition to our main curriculum. Full-time courses are available for:

eAchieve students can determine their own schedule. They are free to travel, work, or pursue hobbies without being confined to a classroom for 40 hours a week. Students can work through all of their tests, learning activities, and assessments online when they are ready. Being enrolled full-time means all coursework is in one place and classes can be anywhere. There are no other classes required at a local school.

Parents get to enjoy freedom too. Say goodbye to early morning drop-offs and hectic afterschool pickups. Parents who work unusual hours, from home, or full-time won’t have to bend over backwards to accommodate their child’s school schedule. You can give your child the right school experience for their needs.

Full-time vs part-time student benefits

full-time High School Student with Early GraduationStudents may also enroll part-time at eAchieve in order to earn more credits towards their graduation or take electives not offered at their school. Part-time enrollment lets students take one or two classes a semester. Students who want to take more classes must enroll full-time.

K-12 students who only enroll part-time at eAchieve are required by the state to have additional schooling. However, this schooling may be through a public or private institution or homeschooling. full-time enrollment in eAchieve’s virtual school means your child will no longer be considered homeschooled by the state of Wisconsin.

How many hours a day online is necessary for full-time enrollment?

If you’re worried about your child spending too much time in front of the computer, rest easy. Since our full-time classes are based on credits rather than hours, students can work at their own pace and take breaks as needed. We supply pace charts to help students finish each semester without falling behind.

Can full-time high school students graduate early?

Yes, high school students can enroll for the classes they need to streamline early graduation requirements. Home school or part-time students can use eAchieve to supplement their credit requirements. full-time eAchieve students must earn 22 class credits in order to graduate.

eAchieve Academy courses are available online for all Wisconsin students from K through 12. As a virtual charter school, tuition is completely free for students under 21 years old. Full-time students may even be eligible for a free laptop!

Enroll full-time in Wisconsin’s best online school, eAchieve Academy, today to start earning credits.
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