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Cost to Enroll in K-12 Online School

How much it costs to enroll in K-12 online school in Wisconsin

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All of the benefits of online learning — with no tuition.

eAchieve Academy is an online charter school based out of the public school system of Waukesha. Which means we can offer the same quality public school education at the same price: FREE! The zero tuition is one of the many benefits of online education.

cost to enroll in online
        cost to enroll in online
        cost to enroll in online

HINT...the answer is always the same:

eAchieve Academy
for WI Residents Under 21

Cost to Enroll in Online K-12 School in Wisconsin
Online K-12 school is FREE for Wisconsin students who apply through open enrollment.

Tuition cost for out-of-state students

Students who live outside Wisconsin are also welcome at eAchive, with paid tuition. Find out pricing and how to enroll:

Tuition & enrollment for

We believe every student deserves the opportunity to succeed in their K12 education. Offering a tuition-free learning experience allows us to provide schooling to students who can’t attend brick-and-mortar schools due to hectic schedules or life situations which make it difficult to attend traditional schooling.

Online charter school also appeals to students who desire a more self-directed approach to education. We seek to help students make the most of all the advantages of online learning. Quality education shouldn’t cause financial stress on families seeking an alternative education that works for them.

full-time eAchieve students get a free laptop upon enrollment

eAchieve Academy strives to ensure all of our full-time students have access to the technology they need to pursue a free online charter school education. To achieve that goal we provide free laptops to all students who are enrolled full-time at the beginning of the school year.

Internet reimbursement for online school students

Technology costs shouldn’t be a barrier between students and an affordable online school education. At eAchieve Academy we offer a $60 stipend for internet access after the successful completion of every semester.

All students are qualified for our internet reimbursement program. Any student with passing grades is eligible to take advantage and help manage the costs of their internet service. Academic freedom and affordability are two of the greatest advantages of online education.

Course costs and fees for online classes

Most of our courses utilize textbooks and materials which drastically minimizes costs for students. However, some online classes through eAchieve Academy may require students to purchase common school supplies.

AP courses may require students to purchase some printed textbooks or lab kits. Our fees and costs are very reasonable compared to the fees public schools charge for materials or sports and music participation.

Contact eAchieve Academy for everything you need to know to enroll in K-12 online school.
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