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Programming JAVA 1 Course for Online High School Students

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Class Length
1 Semester
# of credits
Basic understanding of computer
applications and a strong
foundation in Algebra
This class is a
Prerequisite for:
Computer Screen Showing Code for Online High School JAVA 1 Programming ClassLearn the basics of programming logic and JAVA. Programming JAVA 1 is free for Wisconsin students and adds 0.5 credits towards your high school diploma.

Programming JAVA 1


This introduction to the programming language JAVA covers the basics of this programming language along with basic programming logic. A basic history of the development of programming languages and the Java language will be covered, along with the program basics of Java and the Applet basics of Java. Graphical User Interface will be introduced in Semester II.

Learning Targets:

T1: Analyze the basic components of a well-formed Java program including many the aspects of programming.

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