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Keyboarding Essentials Class for Online High School

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1 Semester
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Laptop Computer Keyboard for Online Keyboarding Class for Wisconsin High School StudentsMaster the keyboard for free through eAchieve Academy. You'll earn 0.5 credits toward your high school diploma.

Keyboarding Essentials


Prepare yourself for the computerized workplace. This course is intended for students who need to learn or improve their keyboarding technique and skills. Students will master touch keyboarding and improve their proofreading, editing and writing skills while formatting letters, reports, tables and other documents.

Master the skill you can't do without in today's world where the keyboard is the primary means of communication and technology input. This course is recommended for Computer Applications I.

Learning Targets:

Target 1 (T1): Students will demonstrate the touch typing technique using proper keyboarding position to key with directed reaches from home row to increase speed and to protect injuries from wrists, neck, and back.

Target 2 (T2): Students will demonstrate touch keyboarding skills at acceptable speed and accuracy levels through timings.

Target 3 (T3): Students will create documents that make a professional impression through proper content, formatting, spelling and grammar.

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Why choose eAchieve Academy?

You can learn at your own speed, on your own schedule

Unlike the typical high school, eAchieve Academy gives you the freedom to learn on your own schedule, and at your own pace. If you work, are already pursuing a career, out of the country, or just like having your days free to pursue personal interests, eAchieve Academy is a great alternative to conventional high school.

There is no tuition fee at eAchieve Academy

eAchieve Academy is a public school chartered through the Waukesha school district, which means enrollment is open to any K-12 student in the state and there is no tuition fee. The only expenses you’ll have at eAchieve Academy are for textbooks and lab supplies required by some classes.

Full-time students get a free laptop

All full-time students at eAchieve Academy are provided with a laptop from Milwaukee PC. After completing your first year, the laptop is yours to keep. eAchieve also reimburses you $60 for your internet access after every semester you successfully complete.

You get a quality education at eAchieve Academy

We are committed to providing our students with a quality education. All our teachers are state-certified, each with an average of nearly 20 years teaching experience. As a student, you’ll have an academic advisor for one-on-one support and personalized Pace Charts to keep you on track toward graduation.

A diploma from eAchieve Academy is no different from a public school diploma

There’s no difference at all. Zip. Zero. Zilch. College admissions departments and potential employers won’t look at a diploma from eAchieve Academy any differently than they do one from a conventional high school.

All colleges and universities accept transcripts from eAchieve Academy

If you’re planning to go on to a college or university, relax. Transcripts from eAchieve Academy are accepted for admissions at all institutions of higher learning. You’ll also be credited for any AP classes you take at eAchieve Academy.

eAchieve Academy accepts part-time students

If you’re a homeschooler looking to round out your education, or a student at a conventional high school needing to make up a credit or take an AP class, part-time enrollment at eAchieve Academy may be perfect for you. Provided space is available, part-time students can take up to 2 classes per semester.

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