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AP Computer Science Principles

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Class Length
Full Year
# of credits
Strong math skills and
familiarity with computer
programming recommended
This class is a
Prerequisite for:
AP Computer Science Online FreeBy taking free online Computer Science classes through eAchieve Academy, you earn 0.5 credits toward your high school diploma & can qualify for college credit.


Using Python® as a primary tool and incorporating multiple platforms and languages for computation, this course aims to develop computational thinking, generate excitement about career paths that utilize computing, and introduce professional tools that foster creativity and collaboration. 

Learning Targets:

- Develop programming expertise

- Explore the workings of the Internet

- Complete projects and solve problems related to app development, visualization of data, cybersecurity, and simulation. 

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What you need to know about AP Computer Science Principles

The online courses offered through eAchieve Academy allow students to get the credits they need to graduate with their diploma all with the flexible schedule they want so they can work on-the-go. Students can choose to take standard, honors, or AP courses with eAchieve. Students who take AP computer Science challenge themselves to earn college credit while preparing themselves for higher-education.

Are AP Computer Science Principles classes hard?

AP students are expected to develop real-world knowledge and skills in programming and the internet at a college level. Although AP coursework may be difficult, many of our students like the rigorous work that ultimately prepares them for college.

Are AP computer Science Principles courses worth it?

Although AP classes take a lot of dedication, the benefits of taking an online AP course are worth it! In addition to gaining incredible knowledge, students will get college credit and college course experience to prepare them for future higher education courses.

How does AP Computer Science Principles work?

The course takes one year to complete, and works much like a regular class except more in-depth. Students in AP Computer Science Principles will thoroughly delve into programming and developing, and digital problem solving. Students will take an AP Exam at the end of the semester to determine how much college credit they’ve earned.

Is AP Computer Science Principles necessary?

AP classes are not necessary to graduate high school, but are beneficial for students who want to earn college credit and reduce their high-level education costs in the future. AP Computer Science Principles specializes in topics that can help students who want to pursue careers in programming, web-developing, or coding.

Can I take online AP Computer Science Principles online?

Absolutely! eAchieve offers an extensive collection of online AP classes for high school students to enroll in. Start your path today to further your knowledge, advance your credits, and prepare for college with courses offered at eAchieve.

How many AP classes should I take?

Research often helps students figure out how many AP classes they should take in a year, but someone’s ability to handle coursework changes year to year as that individual grows. Challenge yourself at first, but try not to overwhelm yourself with work, and go from there.

How does the weighted AP GPA work?

One of the many benefits of taking AP classes is that they count more towards your GPA than standard courses: which means that it is possible for students to achieve a GPA greater than 4.0! Many of our AP students see this as a safety net and a challenge to graduate with a 4.0+ (very impressive to colleges). 

How do I take AP classes outside of high school?

Start your path to online AP classes today to begin getting college credit, advance your knowledge, and prepare yourself for higher education with the courses offered at eAchieve all on your terms. 

What are the best AP classes?

The best AP classes are subjects you’re interested in, ideally also subjects you have a good academic track record in. For students with a college major and career path in mind, you can take AP classes in high school to get a head start in your intended field.

What’s the difference between an AP Computer Science Principles and regular high school IT classes?

Aside from the difficulty level, the main difference is that AP classes let high schoolers earn college credit, which can save you some serious money if higher education is part of your plan. Check out our comprehensive guide to the differences between AP, Honors, and regular classes.

Can I take AP Computer Science Principles even though I’m homeschooled?

Yes! Homeschooled students are welcome to apply at eAchieve. With part-time enrollment you can follow your homeschool curriculum (or attend a traditional brick and mortar school) while taking 1-2 online classes. Learn more about the benefits of AP classes for homeschoolers.

Is taking AP Computer Science Principles a good idea?

For some students, yes, for others, possibly not. AP classes have pros and cons to weigh before deciding.

Are AP classes as hard as college classes?

Looking at AP classes vs college classes, the difficulty level is meant to be the same as an introductory class at university. Other factors like your familiarity with the subject and the instructor will also factor in.

Does AP Computer Science Principles look good to colleges?

Having AP classes on your transcript can give your college application a boost – as long as you’ve been able to earn good grades and exam scores.

Will taking AP Computer Science Principles plus other AP classes be too much?

It boils down to your ability to stay organized and manage your time well. Managing multiple AP classes is definitely possible, and good preparation for higher education.

Are AP classes better than dual enrollment?

AP classes and dual enrollment are both good ways to get more out of your high school experience if regular classes are too easy for you. One thing to keep in mind is that college admissions boards don’t always value AP classes and dual enrollment the same way.

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