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Special Education Classes Make Online Learning Available for All Wisconsin Students

Take high school education online. Courses personalized based on your IEP.

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A wide variety of topics are planned for students during each school year and are covered in a course called Study Skills. These topics and services are differentiated to meet each student’s needs as dictated by his/her IEP.

Develop a clear understanding of the nature of your disability and how it affects learning.

Themes such as organization, time management, individual academic support, accessing resources and assistive technology, study skills, behavior management, social skills, self-advocacy, post-high school transition planning, access to Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and community/state resources, employability skills, and job and career training. Students may also receive individual assessment, instruction, remediation, and enrichment activities/resources

Speech Services are also available for those who qualify.  This will be outlined in your IEP.  Services are delivered by a licensed speech pathologist.  


Learning Targets:

-Understand and actively participate in the IEP process

-Understand and utilize services and accommodations available through your IEP

-Track progress and work on individualized IEP goals

-Develop a clear understanding of the nature of your disability and how it affects learning and life

-Develop and use self-advocacy skills



*Course recommendation is required by Special Education Staff/Counselor: students must have identification of special education needs and an IEP.



Full Year


Grade Level:

K - 12


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