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10th grade online classes provide Wisconsin sophomores a well-rounded education

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10th grade online classes free for Wisconsin students.

Sophomores Enrolled in our Virtual Academy Are Offered Core Classes and Electives

eAchieve Academy expands on traditional brick-and-mortar academic instruction by providing online high school classes at the 10th grade level with a wide variety of options for electives.

In many schools, students are required to enroll in mainly core courses with few electives, particularly at the early grade levels of high school.

However, in our online high school program, self-motivated students determine their education for themselves.

When online students reach sophomore status, they are offered new, advanced courses unavailable to freshmen, including:

  • Forensic Science
  • AP Art History
  • AP European History
  • Integrated Math

10th graders can either immediately build on courses taken in their freshman year or expand to different areas of study and focus on a more comprehensive, liberal arts education. The students’ freedom to choose their own coursework is the beauty of our online program. We don’t force any student to adapt to any single model.

eAchieve offers 10th grade classes with NCAA certification

eAchieve Academy is an official NCAA-approved online school with a variety of classes that meet the NCAA core course requirements. To see the full list of NCAA-approved online high school courses offered by eAchieve Academy, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (use school code #502388).

Online High School Uses Today’s Technology to Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders

Educators at eAchieve Academy believe education is an ever-evolving process, never remaining static for more than a moment. To keep our students on top of changes, we provide a free laptop for all students enrolling in our online program.

Take advantage of the opportunity to give your sophomore student a chance to tailor an education fitting their strongest skills and interests.

Equipped with modern technology, our students are more ready to keep up with developments in education. Every student enrolling with eAchieve Academy receives a $60/semester internet stipend and a laptop worth up to $400 from Milwaukee PC at no cost. 10th graders enrolled in any Wisconsin school district, who apply through the Wisconsin open enrollment system have a rare opportunity to receive a tuition-free, online education and they don’t even have to pay for the laptop.

Online courses for high school sophmores.

Grade 10 Online Art Classes

Grade 10 Online Business Education Classes

Grade 10 Online English Classes

Grade 10 Online Family & Consumer Science Classes

Grade 10 Online Health/PE Classes

Grade 10 Online IT Classes

Grade 10 Online Math Classes

Grade 10 Online Music Classes

Grade 10 Online Science Classes

Grade 10 Online Social Studies Classes

Grade 10 Online World Language Classes

Grade 10 Online Additional Elective Classes

Public school district choices in Wisconsin

You have options for schools no matter which Wisconsin school district you live in. Choosing a school depends on many factors and you have a choice. Public schools nearby are NOT your only option. Students under 21 living anywhere in the state are welcome to apply at eAchieve.

Charter school available to all Wisconsin students

Looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar K-12 school for your child? You may be interested in a public charter school. eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school available for full-time enrollment or as a supplement to homeschooling.

I'm interested—but I want to know more.

No problem. Some of the most common questions regarding online high school education are:

How does online high school work?

Sign up. Get a free laptop. Learn at your own pace. Graduate with flying colors. MORE >>

What are the benefits of online learning for high school students?

Make your own schedule and learn by your own rules. Online courses teach young students to prioritize and learn to make decisions independently. MORE >>

Are online high school diplomas real and legitimate?

YES. A diploma earned through eAchieve is indistinguishable from a regular diploma attained from the Waukesha School District. MORE >>

How many credits does my student need to graduate high school in Wisconsin?

If your child is only a few credits short of graduating high school, eAchieve Academy online courses may be the perfect solution to finish a high school degree (for students under the age of 21). MORE >>

What about socialization opportunities, group events and extracurricular activities?

There are plenty of opportunities for field trips, social outings and clubs. The development of social skills is every bit as important even in more of a homeschool-oriented learning path. MORE >>

Contact eAchieve Academy for enrollment information.

How To Enroll In Online 10th Grade

Our 10th Grade online course is FREE for Wisconsin residents under 21.
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