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You Need 1.0 Service Learning Credits to Graduate from eAchieve Academy


In this course, students enrolled in our online classes are given the opportunity to search out the needs present in their local communities and discover how their service work can meet some of those needs.

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Study Online and Earn 1.0 Service Learning Credits Toward your High School Diploma

Students must spend at least 90 hours each semester (of which no more than 25 hours total can come from service to the immediate family) serving those around them.

These experiences may be at but are not limited to, the following locations: food pantries, homeless shelters, libraries, schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, or protective shelters.

All Service Learning Agreement Forms must be submitted and approved by Service Learning Coordinator prior to ANY hours served.

After completing the required Service Learning hours, students reflect on their experiences in a five-paragraph academic essay.

All hours are documented and submitted to the teacher using the required Service Learning log sheet. The buttons below provide additional information for and access to the required forms for the class.

Service Guidelines Agreement Form Log Sheet





Learning Targets:

Students will learn...

To recognize the value of living in a community by observing first hand what people have to offer each other.

To recognize the needs of the community around them and seek to meet those needs using their skills and talents.

To recognize the needs of others and service to them that is prompt, reliable, and effective is valuable.

To recognize the impact and the effect their service has on others and on themselves.


1 Semester

Grade Level:

9, 10, 11, 12

I'm interested, but need more information before applying to enroll.

Definitely. You need as much information as you can get before making such an important decision. We've got lots of resources for students and parents curious about the merits of online education.

How does online learning work for high school students?

Virtual education works differently for all enrollees with one common theme: students and parents are able to build educational paths flexible with extracirricular activities and interests. MORE >>

What are the major benefits of virtual K-12 education?

An online education's biggest benefit is providing highly flexible scheduling and individually tailored learning plans for students with diverse interests. MORE >>

Are online high school diplomas real and legitimate?

Absolutely. More and more schools across the country are accepting online high school diplomas as valid, accredited high school certification. MORE >>

What are the graduation requirements for online high school students?

Same as any other in the Waukesha School District. You need 22 credits to graduate, and you may attain those extra credits needed to graduate or secure greater college credit. MORE >>

How will online high school help students develop social skills?

eAchieve Academy provides many opportunities for students to interact with classmates, including field trips, clubs and other group events. MORE >>

Contact eAchieve Academy for more information on virtual service learning courses for high school students.

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