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High school students working together on the computer

12th Grade Online Classes Complete Senior Students' High School Career

Seniors Prepare for College with Advanced and Unique Online High School Classes

Online High School 12th Grade Student Reading from ComputerAcademic learning in college absolutely demands self-discipline and excellent time management skills. Graduates of traditional high schools tend to experience a significant adjustment in study techniques upon entering college. No one will hold your hand and walk you through assignments, remind you to study or turn in assignments on time.

Nothing prepares high school students for college or the trades better than our online high school.

Government, a class available to seniors only, is a senior capstone class in which every student completes an issue-based research project—the same procedure as a college level capstone course.

Online students may enroll in Career Pathways COOP and work with teachers and parents to gain experience in a paid or volunteer position and learn to achieve their goals outside of academia.

Our instructors believe education is about more than memorizing information and performing well on standardized tests.

We stress individual responsibility, self-discipline and a good work ethic. Seniors re-enrolling in or switching to our online high school classes give themselves a chance to be highly successful straight out of high school by utilizing our diverse array of course offerings to build skills they will need later in life.

12th Graders Receive Standard High School Diploma and May Attend Graduation

Graduates from eAchieve Academy are granted the same diploma given to graduates from the School District of Waukesha. Online high school graduates are treated just the same as graduates from the traditional brick-and-mortar program.

Our students may either attend the graduation ceremony itself or watch it streamed live over the internet.

Senior high school students at eAchieve Academy are in the best position to graduate and immediately find success. Enroll in our online high school today and take control of your education.

Select a department below to see the classes open for our 12th grade students.
Art Business Education English Family & Consumer Science
Health/PE IT Math Music
Science Service Learning Social Studies Special Education
World Languages      


AP Art History Digital Drawing and Painting    

Business Education

Accounting 1 Accounting 2 Digital Technologies Entrepreneurship
Personal Financial Planning Sports and Event Marketing    


American Literature Basic Grammar British Literature Communication
Composition Creative Writing AP English Literary Exploration
Reading Comprehension      

Family & Consumer Science

Career Pathways COOP Career Planning Chef Foods Child Development
Fashion and Interior Design Life Skills Worldwide Cuisine  


Fitness Fundamentals 1 Fitness Fundamentals 2 Health Intro to Fitness
Nutrition and Wellness      


Computer Applications Digital Imaging 1 Digital Imaging 2 Keyboarding Essentials
Programming JAVA 1 Programming JAVA 2 Web Design Editors Web Development A
Web Development B      


Pre-Algebra Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry
AP Calculus A/B AP Calculus B/C Geometry Integrated Math
Math for Consumers Pre College Math    


Music Appreciation Music in Film AP Music Theory  


Anatomy and Physiology Astronomy and the Atmosphere Biology AP Biology
Chemistry AP Chemistry Earth Science Environmental Science
Forensic Science Physical Science Chemistry Physical Science Physics Physics
AP Physics 1 AP Physics 2    

Social Studies

Criminal Law Economics AP Economics Micro AP Economics Macro
AP European History Government Psychology AP Psychology
Social Issues US History AP US History US in a Global Perspective
World History AP World History    

World Languages

Chinese 1 Chinese 2    
French 1 French 2 French 3 French 4
AP French      
German 1 German 2 German 3 German 4
Latin 1 Latin 2 Latin 3  
Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4
AP Spanish      



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