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You Need 6.5 Elective Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin. All of these courses qualify!

Free online music classes for high school students in Wisconsin

High school music courses enrich students' lives with an improved appreciation of music

eAchieve Academy believes each student deserves a well-rounded music education.

We provide classes to help teens develop an appreciation and understanding of the fine arts and the important role music has played throughout history.

While the majority of public high schools offer a music education program, there are still many schools without music education or only limited courses. With online music classes through eAchieve, high school students can benefit from music education no matter the limitations of their local district.

Online music courses for high school students improve academic performance

A study conducted by the University of British Columbia (Canada) concluded that students who take music lessons in high school perform better in core subjects including math, science and English.

The findings were based on the test scores of high school students, comparing those who studied music and those who didn’t. Even when adjusting for factors like socioeconomic background and a predisposition for good grades, the data still showed musical students outperformed non-musicians.

Online high school classes for musicians

Online high school is ideal for students with musical talent, allowing them to study at their own pace and have more time to develop their skills in singing, composing or playing an instrument.

For high schoolers who already have a budding music career, online education lets them schedule rehearsals, recordings and performances when they need to without worrying about attendance at a brick-and-mortar school.

Online high school is also a great way for young musicians to work ahead and graduate early so they can get their diploma and focus on their career. You can even keep attending your traditional school and just take one or two online classes each semester to earn extra credits.

Online music classes for homeschoolers

Our online music classes are ideal for homeschooled students who want to broaden their horizons by studying subjects not normally taught in a homeschool setting.

You can stick with your homeschool program and take one or two online classes (for high school credit) each semester through eAchieve. Our classes are tuition-free for Wisconsin students, and students living in other states are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

Students will be encouraged to explore their own musical voice through building an understanding of musical structure.

Our online high school classes focus on helping students understand the structure, form, and passion of history’s greatest compositions. Our music students don’t just learn about music, they learn to understand it.

Our online music education classes are available to both full and part-time students.

How online music classes can prepare you for a career

High school music classes can help you get a head start towards your intended college major and/or career in the arts or the health and wellness industry. Learn how to choose the high school music classes to help you build a strong foundation for your chosen field.

I'm interested - but I need to know more before getting started.

Sure thing. Making such an important lifestyle change takes a lot of research. We've got all sorts of different resources for students and parents to help determine whether this is the right choice.

How does getting an online high school diploma work?

A K12 online education with eAchieve Academy can be whatever you need it to be. Supplement a full-time brick and mortar education with advanced electives or make the full-time switch. It's up to you. MORE >>

What are the benefits and advantages of taking classes online?

Our students all have their own answers for this. That's what makes eAchieve Academy so unique. Virtual learning may be catered to fit any number of distinct educational paths. MORE >>

Do colleges accept online high school diplomas?

At an increasing rate, yes. A diploma received through eAchieve Academy is indistinguishable from any other issued from the Waukesha School District. MORE >>

How many credits are needed to graduate high school in Wisconsin?

You need 22 credits to graduate high school, and you may use eAchieve Academy virtual education to help attain final credits necessary to graduate and qualify for college credit. MORE >>

Will high school music classes help me get into college?

In a very direct way, yes they can: studies have shown students who practice a musical instrument tend to have higher test scores and better grades than students who don’t study music.

College admissions officers don’t just look at your test scores and overall GPA (though they factor greatly, of course). They also look for well-rounded individuals and students who make a commitment to extracurricular activities they’re passionate about, musical performance included.

We’ve listed college admission requirements for top universities in Wisconsin and nationwide to help you prepare. EXPLORE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS >>

How do online high school students develop social skills?

eAchieve Academy offers numerous opportunities to interact with fellow students, including clubs, groups, field trips and other events outside of the online classroom. MORE >>

Why are music classes important in public schools?

Studying and practicing music helps students develop the regions of the brain associated with language and reasoning skills. Musical performance also improves memory and coordination. Learning a musical instrument is a good way to foster discipline and confidence, and gives students pride in achievement. Many students have a natural love of music, and including it in their high school curriculum helps them stay interested and engaged. Creative thinking, auditory skills and the ability to recognize patterns also improve.

Contact eAchieve Academy in Waukesha, Wisconsin for more information on online K12 music courses for Wisconsin students.

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