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Online High School Music Classes

* denotes a 0.5 credit (1 semester course)

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You Need 6.5 Elective Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin. All of these courses qualify!

Online Music Classes for High Schoolers

Music Classes Enrich Students' Lives with an Improved Appreciation of Music

eAchieve Academy believes each student deserves a well-rounded music education.

We provide classes to help teens develop an appreciation and understanding of the fine arts and the important role music has played throughout history.

Students will be encouraged to explore their own musical voice through building an understanding of musical structure.

Our online high school classes focus on helping students understand the structure, form, and passion of history’s greatest compositions. Our music students don’t just learn about music, they learn to understand it.

Our online music education classes are available to both full and part-time students as well as homeschooled individuals.

I'm interested - but I need to know more before getting started.

Sure thing. Making such an important lifestyle change takes a lot of research. We've got all sorts of different resources for students and parents to help determine whether this is the right choice.

How does getting an online high school diploma work?

A K12 online education with eAchieve Academy can be whatever you need it to be. Supplement a full-time brick and mortar education with advanced electives or make the full-time switch. It's up to you. MORE >>

What are the benefits and advantages of taking classes online?

Our students all have their own answers for this. That's what makes eAchieve Academy so unique. Virtual learning may be catered to fit any number of distinct educational paths. MORE >>

Do colleges accept online high school diplomas?

At an increasing rate, yes. A diploma received through eAchieve Academy is indistinguishable from any other issued from the Waukesha School District. MORE >>

How many credits are needed to graduate high school in Wisconsin?

You need 22 credits to graduate high school, and you may use eAchieve Academy virtual education to help attain final credits necessary to graduate and qualify for college credit. MORE >>

How do online high school students develop social skills?

eAchieve Academy offers numerous opportunities to interact with fellow students, including clubs, groups, field trips and other events outside of the online classroom. MORE >>

Contact eAchieve Academy in Waukesha, Wisconsin for more information on online K12 music courses for Wisconsin students.
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