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Free 11th grade online classes for Wisconsin juniors

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High school classes >> 11th grade classes

11th grade online classes free for Wisconsin students

Virtual Academy Offers Wide Variety of Core Classes and Electives to Juniors

eAchieve Academy offers every enrolled student many options for course study. 11th graders have the opportunity to expand their academic skills in literacy, historical knowledge, foreign languages and mathematical processes. These core courses are only the tip of the iceberg.

Our online high school students have dozens of course options when planning for the progression of their education.

When online high school students reach the 11th grade, they can expand on their existing course of study by enrolling in higher level classes in world languages, mathematics and science courses. Alternatively, they can move on to advanced electives in niche fields to prepare for more college-oriented courses in the future.

Some of the courses first available at the 11th grade level are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Economics

For juniors really looking forward to getting ahead in college, we offer many AP courses in several departments. With eAchieve Academy, anything is possible. You have control over your own education.

Wisconsin 11th Graders Must Consider the Pros and Cons of Online High School

Momentum is building in the movement toward Internet schooling. Even traditional brick-and-mortar schools have begun integrating technology into the standard classroom in an effort to make learning easier for students. Some students crave control. Others may not feel the same. Every student must weigh the pros and cons of choosing to embark on an online education.

eAchieve offers 11th grade classes with NCAA certification

eAchieve Academy is an official NCAA-approved online school with a variety of junior level classes that meet the NCAA core course requirements. To see the full list of NCAA-approved online high school courses offered by eAchieve Academy, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (use school code #502388).

eAchieve Academy’s online learning program gives students great independence in determining their own coursework and learning pace.

Juniors switching over to online high school courses, or using the online program as a supplement to traditional education, must have excellent self-discipline and time management skills. While teachers and counselors are available at any time for students needing help, it is ultimately the responsibility of students to make the most of their education.

Take control of your education today. Enroll in online high school and get the education you want and deserve.

eAchieve Academy's online school is FREE for Wisconsin students

Students living in any city or school district in Wisconsin are eligible for our free online high school, middle school, or high school education.

may fill up their semester with the classes below
may take up to 2 classes each semester
Online courses for high school juniors

Grade 11 Online Art Classes

Grade 11 Online Business Education Classes

Grade 11 Online English Classes

Grade 11 Online Family & Consumer Science Classes

Grade 11 Online Health/PE Classes

Grade 11 Online IT Classes

Grade 11 Online Math Classes

Grade 11 Online Music Classes

Grade 11 Online Science Classes

Grade 11 Online Social Studies Classes

Grade 11 Online World Language Classes

Grade 11 AP Classes

Additional Electives

Public school district choices in Wisconsin

You have options for schools no matter which Wisconsin school district you live in. Choosing a school depends on many factors and you have a choice. Public schools nearby are NOT your only option. Students under 21 living anywhere in the state are welcome to apply at eAchieve.

Charter school available to all Wisconsin students

Looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar K-12 school for your child? You may be interested in a public charter school. eAchieve Academy is an online public charter school available for full-time enrollment or as a supplement to homeschooling.

I’m interested in enrolling, but I’ve still got too many questions about how it works.

No problem. Here’s some of the most common questions and concerns parents have when considering online education for their 11th grade student:

How exactly does K12 virtual learning work for high school students?

Sign up, pick the courses you need for additional college credit or as an elective, and start learning at your own pace. MORE >>

What are the biggest advantages of online high school?

Some of the major benefits of virtual for learning include taking the classes you really want, flexible scheduling and around-the-clock access to instructors. MORE >>

Do colleges accept online high school diplomas? Are they really legit?

Absolutely. An online high school diploma from eAchieve Academy is indistinguishable from a diploma issued from the School District of Waukesha. MORE >>

Can students in any Wisconsin school district apply?

Yes. eAchieve Academy is K-12 public online school offering tuition-free classes to students living naywhere in the state. MORE >>

How many credits does my homeschooled student need to graduate high school in WI?

The total credits required to graduate high school in Wisconsin is 22. Learn more about graduation requirements for Wisconsin students. MORE >>

How to online high schoolers build social skills?

Students enrolled with eAchieve Academy have plenty of opportunities to participate in groups, clubs and more social events. MORE >>

11th grade FAQ

No matter what you have planned after high school, your junior year is extremely important. This is also the year stress levels tend to rise, which can make 11th grade the perfect time to switch to online high school. Our students enjoy freedom to create their own daily schedule and balance the demands of academics, extracurricular activies and work. If your question isn’t answered below, just get in touch! We’re here to help.

Can you transfer high schools in 11th grade?

Yes - You can apply to transfer to a different high school before or during your junior year. MORE >>

What classes should an 11th grader take?

All 11th grade students should start by taking core courses required for graduation. Juniors planning on college should choose electives that will challenge them academically and give their application an edge – for example AP classes. 11th grade students planning on entering the workforce after high school should choose their electives based on personal and professional interests – for example personal financial planning, digital technologies, entrepreneurship or psychology. If you’re unsure what classes to take, don’t worry. All eAchieve students have an academic advisor to help.

What should your GPA be in 11th grade?

If you’re planning on continuing your education in college and want to attend a top tier school with a great scholarship package, the answer is “as high as possible.” 3.5 and up is a good rule of thumb for top universities, but it all depends on the admission requirements for the school you have in mind. Remember colleges don’t just look at your GPA, they look at your whole transcript. Earning a 4.0 taking the minimum requirements won’t be as impressive as earning a somewhat lower GPA from consistently challenging courses. Ultimately it’s work ethic, not grades alone, that spells success after high school.

How many credits do you need to pass 11th grade?

Requirements vary from school to school, but generally a minimum of 5 credits are required for the 11th grade. What’s more important is planning your course load so that by the end of your senior year you have the 22 credits you need to graduate. Online junior year courses make it easier to earn high school credits online, whether you need to play catch-up or want to graduate early.

Can you graduate in the 11th grade?

It is actually possible to graduate in the 11th grade, but you generally need to test out of some introductory level classes and will likely need to take on additional coursework early in your high school years. If you’re highly motivated to graduate before your senior year, you should take extra high school classes over the summer, as well as during the school year. Online learning through eAchieve is a great way to earn extra high school credits and get ahead.

Can you apply to colleges your junior year of high school?

It depends on the school. Some colleges won’t accept applications from juniors as a rule. Others will let juniors apply if they meet specific criteria, namely acquiring a high school diploma before starting college. They may also require a minimum number of core classes in mathematics or English. If your goal is to graduate early, and you have the discipline and intellect to complete all the requirements, eAchieve Academy will do everything possible to help you make it happen.

Contact eAchieve Academy for enrollment information.

How To Enroll In Online 11th Grade

Our 11th Grade online course is FREE for Wisconsin residents under 21.
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