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Online High School IT Courses

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You Need 6.5 Elective Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin. All of these courses qualify!

Online IT Classes

Information Technology Classes Teaches Students to Use Computers Creatively

Our information technology department is dedicated to assisting every student to become technologically savvy and develop the skills needed to work in a highly technological society.

Our fundamental courses teach students how to utilize various information systems and prepare them for the changes ahead.

We offer advanced courses including programming JAVA, web design and development as well as digital imaging. These courses allow students to become valuable, contributing members of the online community. Our IT classes let students learn the skills necessary to engage the internet in a meaningful way.

eAchieve Academy's online high school teaches students to use technology effectively. Students with IT experience are more prepared for the ever-changing technological world we live in, whether they choose a career path involving information technology or not.

These classes are available to our full and part-time students, as well as individuals currently participating in a homeschool program.

I’m interested in online IT courses, but I need some more information.

We’ve got answers to the most common questions about online education for high schoolers & what it means for parents and students:

How does online virtual learning work for high school students?

Sign up through the open enrollment process to get started. Give us a call and we’ll help you through the specifics. MORE >>

What are the main benefits and advantages of online high school?

Independently motivated online high school students enjoy the flexibility and personalization afforded by an online education. There are many more benefits. MORE >>

Are diplomas earned through online courses valid & legitimate?

Yes – a diploma earned from eAchieve Academy is indistinguishable than one earned traditionally through the Waukesha School District. MORE >>

How many credits do I need to graduate online high school in Wisconsin?

Just the same as the brick-and-mortar requirement. But online courses afford you greater flexibility in choosing courses and accommodating special circumstances. MORE >>

Will online high school students have the opportunity to develop social skills?

Yes. eAchieve Academy provides numerous opportunities for field trips, clubs, group events and other social development & skill building events. MORE >>

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