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Online High School Health / PE Classes

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Meet Our Health Teachers

You Need 0.5 Health Credits and 0.5 Physical Education Credits to Graduate High School in Wisconsin!

Free online PE and health classes for Wisconsin high school students

Students can take PE online in high school

You don't even have to transfer to an online high school, unless you want to. Students can keep attending their regular school and just take online PE class at eAchieve for high school credit.

Learn more about part-time enrollment options or contact us to learn more!

Taking gym class online lets you get PE credits outside of a traditional school environment, which may not be the best fit for all students.

The health and physical education department of our online high school is committed to keeping our students active and healthy.

Online health classes for high school credit

Online high school students benefit from a well-rounded education online, including health and physical fitness education.

Our complete online health & wellness curriculum is also a great way to make up credits, and a great option for homeschoolers looking to supplement their current program.

Homeschooled high school students in Wisconsin can study online tuition-free through eAchieve, and students in other states are welcome to enroll with paid tuition.

You Need 1.0 Health and P.E. Credits to Graduate from eAchieve Academy

PE is required to graduate high school. Wisconsin students need .5 physical education credits to earn a high school diploma. Virtual physical education offers an alternative for students who prefer to opt out of their local school's gym class.

Online health courses for high school students focus on the fundamentals of fitness as well as proper diet and nutrition.

Our high school health and wellness curriculum includes courses in nutrition, fitness, and overall health and wellness. A broad understanding of individual sports and in-depth studies of basic activities like running, walking and strength training will be covered.

These courses are ideal for athletes who want to learn the science and history behind their passion and for self-starters who want to stay in shape.

Our health teachers work to foster healthy living habits in each student for life-long benefits. Full-time and part-time enrollment options available.

Online health & PE classes can help you prepare for your college major or career path

High school health classes can help you build a strong foundation for your intended college major or a career in the armed forces, law enforcementpolitical science, medical sciences, health & wellnessveterinary medicinephysical therapyanesthesiology, and vocational jobs.

Many different careers in criminal justice require passing a physical fitness test before you can even begin training. Mastering the fundamentals of health and fitness in high school can help you prepare for a career as a police officer, detectivespecial agent and more.

Online courses sound like a good idea—but I need more info.

No problem. eAchieve Academy offers deep resources explaining how the online schooling process works and what you need to do to get started. Here are some of the most common questions and concerns about online education for high schoolers.

How does virtual learning work for high school students?

Pretty straightforward. Sign up, pick the classes you want to take and get started. We’ll help you work out every step from start to finish. MORE >>

What are the advantages and benefits of online high school?

The main benefit is online education can be exactly what you need it to be. You can enroll part-time, full-time, and pick whatever courses you need to take on your own schedule. MORE >>

Are online high school diplomas accredited and legitimate?

Yes. Your eAchieve Academy diploma is just as legitimate as a diploma earned through the School District of Waukesha. MORE >>

What are the graduation requirements for an online high school diploma?

Just the same as a regular diploma. eAchieve Academy online courses may be used to secure the last few credits for your degree or make up for credits missed. MORE >>

What high school health courses should I take to get into college?

We’ve listed college admission requirements for top universities in Wisconsin and nationwide to help you prepare. EXPLORE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS >>

Will online high school students get enough opportunity to develop social skills?

eAchieve Academy offers plenty of opportunities to participate in field trips, clubs, and group events with other students. MORE >>

What do you learn in high school health education?

Students learn the importance of and techniques for managing their physical, mental and emotional health. The negative consequences of using and abusing drugs and alcohol are also covered, as are the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise.

The objective of our online health and PE curriculum is to give students the tools and motivation to maintain and improve overall health, and a practical understanding of health-related knowledge.

Can you take PE online in high school?

Absolutely! We offer multiple online fitness classes that count towards the health & PE credit requirement for graduation. You can even stay at your regular school and just take online PE classes through eAchieve, if you’re not comfortable studying PE in a traditional setting.

Are online health classes accredited?

Yes! Online health and fitness classes at eAchieve are accredited and taught by experienced instructors. Our curriculum meets Wisconsin health education standards, and high school students who complete their coursework earn high school credit that counts towards their diploma.

Contact eAchieve Academy for enrollment information.

How To Enroll In Online Health / PE

Our Health / PE online course is FREE for Wisconsin residents under 21.
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